Tuesday, May 08, 2012

June is one busy month I'll tell you...

Classes, Classes and more Classes 

Small Studios 
Cleavland-ish Ohio
June 1,2,3 2012
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Heading to the Cleveland area...Westlake to be precise
Will be good to see the infamous my pal Ginny (you know her from the Art Continuum days).  Doing three classes out there...and my beloved wife Andrea Matus will be teaching a series of workshops as well.
I'll be doing
Patron Saint of Rusty Things
Talking Heads AKA mini deMent-triloquism
Assemblings of a Mad Watchmaker
Meanwhile...my beloved wife
Andrea will be teaching
Atypical Aphrodites, Collaging the Translucent, and  Dorian Gray Portraits

and then...Eugene
.I'll be back to the good ol' West Coast...  Oregon to be previce.

Material Exchange Center for Community Arts
June 9-10
Eugene, OR
click here to register  http://www.materials-exchange.org/workshops.html#deMeng

Michael deMeng, Reverend of Rusty Things returns to MECCA!

In case you were wondering, the fear of ventriloquist's dummies is called automatonophobic (which by the way includes the fear of wax dummies and automatons like Zoltar the fortune teller). I can understand how ventriloquist dolls could illicit terror and trepidation; typically they are bit creepy looking. Remember Anthony Hopkins in the film Magic, whose dummy seemed to have a villainous will of its own? Well, in this class, I'm not sure you'll walk away with a self-aware dummy but you will learn how to make deMented dolls that are capable of flapping their jaws. You start with a mannequin head, doll head, bust, taxidermy item, etc. and then using various found objects you will adorn and transform them into something rich and strange. Most importantly, your bizarre creation will be rigged so that it has the power to speak...hopefully not on it's own.

Want a bit of phobia inducing inspiration? Here are a few films in which dummies come to life: "Magic", "Dead of Night", "Devil Doll", "Dead Silence" and Twilight Zone episodes: "Caesar and Me" and "the Dummy." 

and then...Portland
its off to Portland for three days of classes

June 14-16
 in the alberta arts district:     

   1639 ne alberta street      
portland, oregon 97211        
Three days of Classes. Talking Heads, Assemblings of a Mad Watchmaker, and Patron Saint of Rusty Things. 
 and then...Pasadena
1024 Mission Street
South Pasadena, 
CA 91030 626.441.2181
Two classes in three days...

Assemblings of a Mad Watchmake
click here to register: http://zinnia.biz/Michael%20deMeng/zinniamichaeldea.html


and then...
Idyllwild CA
Up in the hills above Palm Desert I'll be back.  Two classes.

Session One
Through the Looking Glass Lightboxes
June 28-29:   
 You remember Pandora and how she released all the rotten things in the universe, all because she got a little curious. Well, if only Pandora had a little peephole or keyhole to check out the innards of that nasty ol' box...think of the grief she could have saved us all. She would have looked and said, "Gee! I really don't want to open that!", and thus we would all be spending our time in Tahiti drinking whatever they drink in Tahiti.  
In this class, we are going to put things right and create secret boxes or chests that can be previewed using keyholes and/or lenses. Not only that but we will illuminate the interior with lighting to make that mysterious space all the more revealing. On the exterior the chests will be adorned using found objects and the process of assemblage. On the interior students will create interesting realms to view, combining assemblage with collage. They can be places filled with secrets, dreams, or fears...locked away for safekeeping.

Session 2 
we'll be making the discarded seemingly sacred in:  
 Patron St. Of Discarded Things
June 30-July 1

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