Thursday, April 05, 2012

What does the future hold?

I don't need to look into my crystal ball to tell you that my workshop season is just about to get swinging.  So lets take a peek...shall we?

Random Arts in Saluda
click here for the whole skinny:

I'll be rolling into North Carolina in about a month.  Looking forward to a bit of junking and hanging with the Jane and the gang down south...especially since she got her new digs.  Too early for fireflies?  Hope those little dudes.
Anyway hope to see you there...
I'll be teaching:
Patron Saint of Discarded Things

Also coming up fast...

Small Studios
for more info
Heading to the Cleveland area...Westlake to be precise
Will be good to see the infamous my pal Ginny (you know her from the Art Continuum days).  Doing three classes out there...and my beloved wife Andrea Matus will be teaching a series of workshops as well.
I'll be doing
Patron Saint of Rusty Things

Talking Heads AKA mini deMent-triloquism

Assemblings of a Mad Watchmaker

Andrea will be teaching
Atypical Aphrodites, Collaging the Translucent, and  Dorian Gray Portraits

For those of you looking to the is what else is going down


And here is some stuff I'm looking into..
  • Great Britain????
  • Italy??


Maria Ontiveros said...

What about Northern California???

deMeng said...

Right now Peteluma is the Northern Cal ticket

Sue said...

Looking forward to GB in 2013 would be great so I don't have to travel so far:)

Carina said...

It has been a warm winter here in the southeast, as in many parts of the US. I saw my first firefly or lightning bug of the season last week. I'm about 2 and 1/2 hours from Saluda and they have a little higher elevation than we, so those fireflies will be a little later in arriving, but should be available for your viewing pleasure.