Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creature Features

I'm doing a little poll.  Asking folks for there favorite mythological being.  The winning creature is the source of my next piece of art.  I'll be running the poll until Thursday evening.
To vote go here

There is an option to add your own choice.
Let's see what I'm doing next.  Can't wait!


Parabolic Muse said...

I am way late with this. I'm not on Facebook. I'm the only person they've tossed out. Anyway I was going to comment about Artfest but then I saw this post about mythological creatures and I decided to be a rebel and vote even tho I'm too late. I think a cool one is the Chrshire cat. Cheshire. It's hard to type on a smartphone. I was going to say God but he's not really as interesting as the CC. I like silly mythological creatures. Is that wrong? I may sign into Facebook thru my partners account just so I cn see who won!

You don't remember me do you?

That vendor night thing was madness. I've never been and I thought it was epic

Am I still effing talking ?!?

Anonymous said...

I'm not on facebook either because I don't like social media very much. This isn't my favorite mythical creature ( that would be dragons, faeries, etc.) but do you remember the Balrog in Lord of the Rings? It lived in the depths of Moria and was horrifying.

pharmacy said...

I love mythological creatures so much thanks! for the article!