Friday, December 16, 2011

Krampus Toy List

Well, Krampus time is here again.  It's time to honor that dirty rotten dude who hangs with Santa and passes out coal to the naughty boys and girls.  This I'd thought I'd put together a Krampus list of toys he might be inclined to pass out to the "baddies".  Sometimes it's good to be bad.

Also I just finished my "Professor Dante- Fire King" sideshow piece....I'll show you the final product at the end...but for now....

2011 Krampus Toy List

1. the Bog Monster by Triclops
Now this is a perfect gift for those naughty little tikes.  Nice way to surprise your house guests.

2. Deady Bears by Tom Ashman
Now, no Krampus sack is complete with out a collection of Deady Bears, by my buddy Tom Ashman.  Grim and cuddly. 

3. Ed Roth inspired Hot Rod for toddlers
Remember the hot rod cartoons of Ed Roth.  Well you're naughty toddler can burn rubber down on the shady side of the street in this little brain-mobile.  Couldn't find the maker of this contraption but awesome!

Old nasty Krampus would definitely have some of these little darlings all wrapped up an ready to go.  I met Beth a couple of years ago in Vermont.  I was lucky enough to see her studio and all her twisted creations!

 5. Anatomy Toys by Jason Freeny 
Ever want to know what makes those cartoons tick.  Well Micky, Hello Kitty, Super Mario are on the slab for your viewing pleasure.

Chris Sickels' work makes me want to be naughty in the hopes that Krampus would bring me a few of his treats.  His work is amazing and just as amazing is the way that his work is photographed.

So I'll leave you with my own offering to Krampus:

I present the amazing 
Professor Dante
Fire Eater and connoisseur of all things flammable.
 He is part of my Carinal Puppet series.  He has lots of surprises.  Well at least one big surprise.
And of course I made a little video to see him in action.  Don't worry, you YouTube junkies...I'll be putting him to lip-synching duty soon enough.
Heres' a basic viddy in the meantime:


Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Thank you Mike... The creepy shopping list for all my rusty and crusty bad boys and pissy little girls..peace and love to you and yours this Krampus..xoxo

art bliss said...

Oh, how I wish you had joined all of us (50 bloggers)for Creepmus 2011. This post would have been perfect. Perhaps next year??
Many fun posts about Krampus!

Love your work Michael!

Deanna Cosgrove said...

I laughed so hard! Thanks for the video :)

JonesMoore Studio Art said...

Always so entertaining to visit your blog. Have a wonderful Holiday!

HeArt Collective said...

hope you and the (almost) Mrs. have an amazing holiday!

Debs said...

oh wow the Krampus kids get all the fun stuff!

Debs said...

I think I am going to be very naughty next year!

sweet pea jewelry said...

William Robins (artist name Elmer Presley) Made the tot ride, or cyclops car or whatever he calls it. It is made for a plastic molded tot car and LOTS of clay. He is originally from Farmington New Mexico but now lives in Salt Lake Utah. Very cool dude!