Monday, June 27, 2011

Sun, Fun and Creepy Things in Southern Cal

I've started my 3 week tour of Southern Cal.    Had a great three days at Zinnia teaching and hanging with friends.  Next stop I head up to Idyllwild.

I always feel a bit of nostalgia when I visit Pasadena.  My grandparents had a biz here…Crown Contact Lens.  I especially feel this way when I see this sight:
Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena.  Always a welcome sight to me.

Part of my L.A. adventure included a visit with friends at renowned chef Susan Fenigar's restaurant  STREET with my friends Dawn and Mike.
Kind of a tapas joint with very nice and dishes with unexpected flavors.  Try the Kaya Toast…I know, toast, but it's excellent.

Three Fragments of a Lost Tale
Today a buddy of mine, the penguin woman of SeaWorld, Deb Denton, popped up from San Diego to visit.  Originally we were going to check out the Tim Burton exhibit.  I was however encouraged to check out a different exhibit.  John Frame at the Huntington.
OMG am I glad we did.  Amazing, inspiring, amazing and yet even more inspiring.  He carves these wonderful marionette like figures with stages and settings.  He also has put them to life with stop animation.  This was the last day of this exhibit but look him up and see his work in person if you can.  Each tiny little hand is carved and complete with hinged articulations.  UNFLIPPIN' BELIEVABLE!
 Here's a link to the press kit of the show to give you a sense of scale and kick-ass-ness of the show.

Next stop Melrose.
Deb had never been to Necromance, an interestingly creepy little store.
Goth in one part, bones and biologicals on the other.    I snagged some bones and eyeballs…you know the usual.

Next stop Idyllwild…then Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica…then Art Clinic in Solvang.


gary warren niebuhr said...

I was there yesterday with Denice to start our Route 66 trip. I got eye balls, fish bones, beetles, some of those rubber hearts and some skull beads.

Anonymous said...

Michael, it was so great to meet you Saturday at Zinnia. What a great class. Glad you got to see the John Frame exhibit. One of the most amazing shows I've seen in years!! Hope to meet you again someday in a class or whatever. Chris

Pandora said...

I loved your class last Sunday at Zinnia - thanks for all the great information on your techniques! Sorry to have missed that John Frame exhibit - it looks amazing. If you get down south on this trip, be sure to stop by my shop in San Juan, I have lots of bones and other macabre items you could use in your work :-)