Tuesday, May 24, 2011

L.A. Confidential

So I'm sitting here in the Asheville Airport after a wonderful 4 day workshop at Random Arts in Saluda North Carolina.  Love coming out here and just finished a bit of junking at my favorite antique store Needful Things (I probably like it because of the Stephen King book by the same title…but thats just me).  Picked up a nifty old carriage lantern, a fish scale and a trippy looking boring tool (which really isn't all that boring).

So I was looking into my crystal ball to see what was in my future…and lo and behold I'm going to be in Southern Cal for almost an entire month.   As it turns out I'll be down in L.A. for a couple of pretty nifty exhibits.  The Tim Burton Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
 Good timing.  Of course, the real reason I'll be hangin' in the birthplace of your's truly (Glendale to be exact) is to do a few workshops.  So here's what I got planned…

Kroma Crackle hits L.A.
Those of you taking my Cold Blooded Journal Classes get the inside skinny of my new favorit-est thing thing in the world Kroma Crackle…I found a nifty way to make this lizardy medium instantaneous…so check it out near you.  Art Clinic, Zinnia, and Idyllwild Arts
so here is the schedule:

This cool store in South Pasadena is a whisper away from where my grandparents had a contact lens biz…memories.  Love hangin' here with Tamara and Joe and Paul.
Friday June 24 - Cold Blooded Journals

Sat June 25 - Lonely Hearts

Sun June 26 - Pretty Vial Things
Here's the scoop: http://www.zinnia.biz/zinnia.biz/Michael_deMeng.html

Next stop up into the mountains…above Palm Dessert, the small and arty little town of Idyllwild.  This is such a nice relaxing little place for me to teach…and the Aroma Cafe is some of the best food anywhere.

Thurs June 30- Fri June 1
 - Cold Blooded Journals

Sat July 2 - Sun July 3 
- Casa Embossa

Down the mountain I go…to the gorgeous beach town of Santa Monica.  Once again I'll be at Urban Craft Center.  I'm doing something a bit different here…I'm going to be  doing evening classes…were are going to make some part man/part animal creations over two evenings.

Tues July 5th and Wed July 6th - Zoophilia

Then I head north to the Danish inspired town of Solvang…not to confused with the Transylvanian inspired California town Sol-fang…har har.  What in the world is this doing in Southern Cal…well I'll have to find out.   I'll be hangin at the Art Clinic teaching some classes for  few days as we watch the windmills spin.
Sat July 9- Cold Blooded Journals

Sun July 10 - Pretty Vial Things

Hope to see everyone there….get ready to Crackle!


Pandora said...

Welcome back to Southern California! So you are from Glendale, home to one of my favorite cemeteries! The other good one in LA is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where Rudy Valentino hangs out :-) Thanks for the hot tip on the Tim Burton exhibit, I will have to run see that. I'm looking forward to your classes at Zinnia - see you there!

Shelley Whiting said...

Your art is very haunting and surreal. Very original and imaginative artworks.

Teresa Palomar said...

I just finished your book, Secrets of Rusty Things, and loved it. You inspire me. I have been to two estate sales this weekend and bought some really cool things: an adding machine, an old fan, and a porthole!
Since you recommend the Dollar Tree in the back of your book, I thought you might enjoy knowing that's where I bought the book.