Monday, April 04, 2011

Cold Blooded Journals with Kroma Crackle

Just finished a nifty little class in  British Columbia...Cold Blooded Journals.
Basically they are lizardy journals
Here's one that Megan (the owner of Upstart Crow) made in the class:
What we used to create these nifty cold blooded critter effects is a product made by Kroma Paint in Vancouver BC.  
The store is located at one of the coolest places in Vancouver...Granville Island
It's an great place filled with galleries, artists, markets, and other things arty.
So I recently went out there and hung out with the owner, Kevin...who rode up on his skateboard.
I wanted to mention a cool product that I used in class...Kroma Crackle.  This has just started to be distributed in the states.  It's an amazing product....with killer effects.  Kroma has devoted an etire website to this stuff:
If you go to the site, it will tell you how to use the goods.

Here's the cool part...
Typically it takes a day or so the get the full crackle effect....
I've figured out how to get it to crackle INSTANTANEOUSLY!!!
That's right INSTANT CRACKLE Woo Hoo!
For now it is Top Secret...In fact I haven't even told Kevin how to do it yet...he he he...
Don't worry I'll share...for now though, I'm keeping it special for the Cold Blooded Journal Classes this year.
Here's where I'll be doin' this Crackle technique this year:
Zinnia - S. Pasadena CA
Art Clinic - Solvang CA
Collage - Portland OR
Art is You -Petaluma, CA
Art is You - Danbury CT


Colleen said...

Oh I m spked. I am in this class in October at. Art is you!! Can't wait!! COLLEEN

audrey said...

Wow! These journals are amazing! I love lizards - this class would be right up my alley.
Granville Island sounds like a great place!! How nice for you, Michael, that you are getting to go to all these unique and fun places!
Instant crackle and you are keeping it secret????? ): Ok. Thanks for the website, though.
Great class, Michael!
♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I have Kroma crackle, and while I really LIKE it, I am having issues with getting it to work as I think it's supposed to.
Thanks for the link~~definitely going to go read up.
And you know, it would be NICE to know the quick crackle secret...wink!wink!


deMeng said...

Have no fear, the secret will be to give the class takers first dibs. I will be doing a Online Texture class in the Fall...and yes it will be covered in that...

lisa_crofts said...

Not a big lizard lover but I love these journals they look amazing. Really like the idea of texture class too.

Theresa Loomis said...

There are times I think your patron saint is Geiger.
Wish I were partaking of any of your real time classes this year. Looks like I need to live on the west coast.
See you on the interwebs.

Thespa McLaughlin said...

Would love to know how to get the crackle fast! See how you tease us!

laurel said...

Oh my! I think I am in love. I'm going to have to have some of that crackle.

Love the creativity of those journals. Looks like the would make awesome props for a good scifi movie. I half expect them to start moving.

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

So cool, I mean cold. If I guess the secret process can I win a scholarship for the online textures class? Leapin' iguanas, I am excited!!!!!

Carol said...

Wow! This is a fabulous treatment. Can't wait for your online texture class. Now I'll have to try to get some Kroma crackle though it sounds as though I'll have to get it from US.I'm already thinking I should go to the US next year to try to catch one of your classes... Depends on available $$ though, as always.

JudyK said...

OMGosh! These are a hoot! I loooove them! I hope you are coming to Topsfield to do this class! BTW..I put up info on your video class on my typepad blog.