Friday, January 28, 2011

Art Exhibits...East to West

It is a busy year for exhibits for me.  Of course you can always see my work in person at teaching venues but it is nice to have a bunch of white walls at your disposal.

So here's what's going on:
Diablos and Retablos
Jan 25th - March 4th 
New England College Gallery
98 Bridge Street, Henniker NH
Click here for more info: New College Art Gallery
In the Balcony Gallery during this time, visitors to the gallery will experience Michael deMeng:Diablos and Detablos - assemblages of  transformation. deMeng’s work incorporates found objects with collage, new painting, and drawing. While deMeng uses discarded objects, his selection process reveals his preference for objects that reference a pop art influence, offered with a post-modern sensibility.

 Strange Angels
Feb 4 -28
The Brink
111 w Front Street
Missoula, MT 59802
Opening Recepition Friday Feb 4th
Divine envoys.  This is the traditional definition of an angel.  The western traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are full of legends and tales of humankind’s relationship with these messengers.  Their numbers vast, and in some writings, considered countless, and each with task that aligns with certain attributes of that particular angel.  There are good angels and bad angels (usually called demons). There are angels of water, of death, of the moon, of the streams, of alchemy, of sea creatures, etc.  If it can be conceived, most likely there is a legend that connects an angel to it. 
Traditionally perceived as soft, fluffy, ethereal things that float through clouds like butterflies huffing helium, I decided to reinterpret these strange beings.  Since they were allegedly created before the tangible universe, it seemed to me that these creatures might need to make certain adjustments in order to enter the physical realm. My goal was to transform these messengers into a combination of physical and supernatural manifestations. Like mystical mechanisms, they remain ethereal and otherworldly yet with a dose of the familiar and tactile.    

Santos Y Diablos
April 1- 30
Artisans on Taylor
236 Taylor Street Port Townsend, 
WA 98368
Opening Reception April 7th
Just in time for ArtFest. I'll be doing an exhibit featuring the work from my book Dusty Diablos. Thursday, April 7th will include an artist's reception and readings from my book.

See everyone somewhere...


Carol said...

Michael, do you ever teach or exhibit in Australia? By the way, I'm doing ArtLab and loving it - really enjoying your videos and my attempts to make my paint effects look like yours. So far they don't but it's great fun trying.

tamdoll said...

I just read that you'll be in NH, am very excited to see your work!

Anonymous said...

We saw your show at New England College yesterday. It was excellent to be able to study your shrines in detail. Bummed that we didn't get to see you again, but loved the exhibit. Larry & Pam