Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back From the Dead Part 2: Reaper Madness

Well the photos are plentiful from the Oaxaca trip. This episode I focus on some of the interesting folks that were on the prowl for Dia de los Muertos. la Llorona (above) perhaps.

Ah yes and here is Judy and I...well I think she thinks it was me.

Typically you don't usually use the work "cute" to describe skeletons...but if the zapato fits...

She was part of the same procession.

I always suspected that Judy preferred taller

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

I got this shot just as her friend finished putting the makeup on..."are my teeth on straight?"

Mexican Zombies!!!

Dead Man Walking

Just the devil in disguise.

Marylyn and Judy sharing a little reaper.

Next installment....deMeng and class hit the some very interesting places...indeed!


Anonymous said...

fabulous!!! kathy p.

Donna Duncan said...

some of these pics are GREAT! Our South-of-the-Border neighbors sure know how to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

You really are a great photographer.

Samantha Marshall said...

Wow- these photos are just amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

what wonderful photos! i hope to be going to oaxaca next year and would be thrilled to make it during dia de los muertos. those children are so cute indeed.

Shawn Caro said...

Fascinating Michael, it looks like you had a great time. Thanks for posting all these great photos.

zoe said...

excellent photos!