Monday, June 22, 2009

IMIX: Children of the Night...what sweet music they make.

so most of you know I grew up loving vampires (below is one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken).

For me it all started at a matinee watching Billy the Kid vs. Dracula, Here's a little peek of that classic.
Interesting that Dracula is impervious to bullets yet not to guns being thrown at him.

Next was after preschool episodes of Dark Shadows,
Barnabus...he da man

From there it went on and on Bram Stokers novel, the Lost Boys, Anne Rice's books and most recently HBO's True Blood.
I just finished season one. I am so hooked.

So in honor of my blood-sucker obsession, I decided to create a little IMix in honor of the Creatures of the Night.

So here is my IMix..with some explanations of my choices.
Vampiro IMix

1. Back To The Life: Spoon
I love this song....especially because of the maniacal laugh at the beginning. Perfect way to start off the mix.

2. Back to Black: Amy Winehouse
Amy might not be a vampire... but she most definitely is not human.

3. King Volcano: Bauhaus
The likely choice from Bauhaus would have been Bela Lugosi's Dead. I decided to not go for something so obvious. There is something very Romani about this song. As for the lyrics....unusual and cryptic. If you can decipher 'em let me know...I'm lost.

4. Little One: Beck
Ghostly...thats is all I have to say.

5. O Death: Camper Van Beethoven
Here's a remake of an old folk tune, you may remember it from O' Brother Where Art Thou. Camper punks it up a bit.

6. Trouble: Bitter:Sweet
I really like this song. If vampires were hipsters this would be an appropriate theme song.

7. La Llorona: Blame Sally
I know that la Llorona is more of a troubled Latin spirit than a vamp...but she is creepy and plus, I haven't come across any songs about the more vampiric chubacabras.

8. Enjoy the Ride: Morcheeba
Wandering through a graveyard has never been so enjoyable.

9. Sidi Ifni: Cracker
Not really a vampire song but certainly very tomb-ish

10. Lunático: Gotan Project
A vampire carnival if I ever heard one.

11. Hunter's Kiss: Rasputina
Ah...Rasputina...the goth girls and there frilly dresses and red and white striped stockings. A sad tale about hunter an ends tragically...otherwise I guess it wouldn't be a sad.

12. Evil Night Together: Jill Tracy
I fell in love with Jill Tracy's music when I discovered that she composed a soundtrack to the orginal Nosferatu.

13. Black Wings: Tom Waits
If Johnny Cash was a vampire...this would be his theme song.

14. White Tooth Man: Iron & Wine
Okay, so the song is not about Dracula but I thought it seemed appropriate.

15. Twice: Little Dragon
Not sure why, but this song reminds me of the Nosferatus. I think it is all the mirror references. Look up this video on youtube...shadow puppets...nifty.

16. Hold On, Hold On: Neko Case
Haunting...with a country twang.

17. Vampire: Sinéad O'Connor
A reggae version by Sinead about vampire hunters...Ja Ja sent us here to catch vampire...

18. Is She Weird: Pixies
A Goth theme song if there ever was one...there seems to be some debate about whether this is literally about a vampire. I'm not really sure but "Is She Weird" is weird.

19. This House Is Haunted By the Echo of Your Last Goodbye: Holly Cole
And a nice jazzy number to close out the set.

Happy Listening...bwahahahaha


BloggingQueen said...

Can't go into that dark corner of the hallway! Why?


(You know who he is, don't ya?)

azirca said...

Love the photo of the little vampire girl. The motion blur of the swirling ride in the foreground gives the photo a wonderful sense of movement.

True Blood is great isn't it? I love the series, even though I am probably the most squeamish person that you will ever meet and will totally admit to having to close my eyes during the rather graphic 'icky' bits!

Nice musical mix of blood sucking delight!

Laurel said...

So happy to see someone else who loves Rasputina's "Hunter's Kiss" as much as I do! So beautiful...

JonesMoore said...

Ahhh...Dark Shadows. I didn't think anyone remembered that one (and would admit to watching it). I was devastated when it was cancelled!!! Great post.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

What a delightful and dark trip down memory lane! Yes, Dark Shadows after school, up all night with nightmares! (altho I had a soft spot for Quentin...that Virginia accent....sigh...)
Anne Rice's books fill my shelves, alomg with every schmuck pulp vampire book put out for a long while, and I didn't think anyone knew who Varney the Vampire was besides me!
Thank you for this quick nibble at recent vampire film and text!

Deb said...

Mistah Barnabus! So before his time back then. But that made it all the more exciting to watch.

Sam Marshall said...

Love the photo!

Anonymous said...

Michael, I love the picture of the vampires on the carousel...I think I know which carousel in Oaxaca??? Would you be interested in selling a copy of that photo to me? stunning...on many levels. ok, now you've done it! I thought I was over anything vampirey but since you mentioned True Blood I watched the synopsis of season one and the last two episodes on demand last is the best and FUNNY. I baby sit by day, the Pinkertwins...I watch vampires at night. They will grow up to be vampire lovers like their dad who to this day has a cape which he dons on Halloween...this year I will draw some hair on thier heads with an eyebrow pencil, give them a widows peak and put them in their black always open the mind to creativity. HAAHAAHAH. thanks for the tip about TB. kp

Anonymous said...

May I recommend the song Walking on a dream by Empire of the sun, the clip is based around the Day of the Dead, and i think Luke steel would have to be a vampire

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike scariest one was that 1920-30's' vampire silent movie! I just created a blog for my brother George he is in an institution and shrinks will not let him paint,although they are buying up his work? Does not make sense?
We are having vampire weather here in NE! Love your work!

Tina Gilmore said...

I Can remember going to Whitby a few years back (which houses the parish church of St. Mary, whose churchyard on Whitby's East Cliff gave Bram Stoker the inspiration to write his book), i remember wandering around at night on the way back to a bed and breakfast after a lovely evening out and passed by some travellers in a shop doorway, dressed all gothic, then i remembered the dracula story and hurried back - i'm such a wimp when it comes to vampires!!!!!

Mandy Jordan said...

ooh... the vampire mix is excellent!! I am going to check out some new music- thanks! BUT I noticed a conspicuous absence: "Bloodletting" by Concrete Blonde. I submit that this would make a good addition to your dark and twisty mix :-)

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Love the first photo. Ok..knowing you like the ghouley probably didn't like my favorite..Twilight"

Kris Henderson said...

i LOVE dark shadows. Ran home from school to watch :) mom said I was sick. ha! so out of touch she was...
Doood, i posted the art you donated on my blog for

thanks for helping :)

Read Between The Lines said...

Silly boy -- it must have been a silver-plated pistol. Bwee-hee-hee! Priscilla

Cynthia Thornton said...

Great songs! I'm a huge fan of True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse books (especially the character Eric Northman. I too, grew up loving anything vampiric, even though the sight of real blood makes me want to pass out! Also loved your pic, the color saturation is so wonderful.

Pauline said...

Wonderful young vampire photo!

I love your music ideas - I did a workshop with you in Melbourne last year, and the music really moved us along. Loved it!


Candace said...

I didn't know I had another brother.
One who is very much like me when it comes to the "Children of the Night... shut up!"

Remember that one?
Candace in Athens.

venus said...

Love the photo of the little vampire girl. The motion blur of the swirling ride in the foreground gives the photo a wonderful sense of movement
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