Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mexico City and Upsy Downsys

Okay, just wanted to show you a few picture from Mexico City. So I ended up getting a screaming deal on Priceline for a hotel I've always wanted to stay at. If you have seen the movie "Frida" you will has seen some of this least the ceiling...the amazing stained glass ceiling. In the flim Friday is supposed to be in Paris...but I'd know that stained glass is actual "El Gran Hotel" on the main Zocalo and across from the Presidential Palace and the Catedral. Amazing. I ended up paying a third of the listed price...don't ask me how.

Here is my veiw from the room window. The Zocalo. Catedral on the left. Presidential Palace on the right.
Here is the hotel looks like from outside.
and this is what I see when I opened my door.

Look up!Stay there if you can. Way cool. Even if you don't at least go in and look at the beatiful interior.

for those of you who were in my Oaxaca class...I know you're lurking out there somewhere. There was a conversation about a toy that I had when I was very young. Upsy Downsys. Some of you thought I was zooming on shrooms but here is proof.

the cast of characters:


  • Flossy Glossy - The Upsy Fire-Chiefess and her Elewetter Fire Engine
  • Tickle Pinkle - The Upsy Beauty and her Bugabout Car
  • Pudgy Fudgy - The Upsy Eat-Too-Mucher and her Piggybus
  • Baby So-High - The Upsy Hero and her Airo-Zoomer Plane


  • Downy Dilly - The Downsy Mischief-Maker and her Footmobile
  • Pocus Hocus - The Downsy Mixed-Up Magician and his Dragon Wagon
  • Mother What Now - The Downsy Frazzled Mom and her Go-Getter Car
  • Miss Information - The Downsy Opposite Directions Teller and her Miss Information Booth
and the physical evidence:So there...neener neener!


kdj said...

Fab hotel - the ceiling reminded me of 'The City of Lost Children' Sincerely, proud owner of Baby So-High and her Airo-Zoomer Plane.

Judy Wise said...

Oh for God's sake, you are so full of the weirdest trivia! And to think I spent my summers playing Monopoly! (but I did have two little scottie dogs with magnets in their butts that attracted and repelled each other depending on which way they were faced. That was pretty cool.)

Chris said...

Do you KNOW how much your virtual tours embellish our days?
Rock on.

Chris said...

I mean, except for the neener neener parts.

Bernie Berlin said...

Amazing hotel!!!
Thanks for sharing the beauty that you see on your travels..

azirca said...

Wow..the stained glass ceiling is beautiful, as is the interior of the hotel, I can only imagine what it is like in real life.

christygrant said...

I am a sucker for stained glass pieces and that ceiling shot is da bomb! Oh wow. What an amazing place. I'm sure you had a great trip.

BTW, I cracked up when I saw "Tetanus anyone?" What a nut and that's what I like about ya. :)

Sam Marshall said...

Beautiful photos-what a fabulous ceiling!

glimmering prize said...

wowsers! I am so jealous of all your jetsetting! your photos are amazing michael!

donnaj said...

FABulous hotel~thanks for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

so now how is that proof you weren't ALSO zoomin on shrooms? :)