Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A bit more on LoMeng/deBue class

Okay...no class details yet...I'm waiting for Keith to get back from a teaching venue before we can work out the specifs....but here is a little info:

The combo Keith LoBue and deMeng (LoMeng/deBue) class is Oct. 7th and 8th in Portland. Glenny of Art and Soul is putting this on as well as another Judy class.

contact Glenny for more info. She doesn't have prices or specs yet but if you're interested get your name on the list.

This should be fun!

Australia, Root of All Evil....and No Glue Lo Bue

Hey dudes,

Back to the aeropuerto tomorrow...quick trip to Australia. I've been a bit quiet...had to have a friggin' wisdom tooth root canal whilst I was here. Goody gum drops. What a pain...literally.
All better now, so I thought I'd toss out a couple of images (other than xrays) from my trip. Here's a little Lorikeet that was hangin' on Judy's balcony. I assume he's a he. He was squawking at another one across the yard.

And here's a nice shot on the Bondi beach walk...it was gorgeous day. In fact, in the distance, not visible here, were some Humpback whales cruising along. Apparently they are here in droves right now...they are safe in Aussie waters from the whalers. Maybe they are smarter than we think.

I did a bit of junking while I've been here. One of my favorite market is in Rozelle (a Sydney suburb) Judy and I try and go every Saturday lots of junk to find...here's a nice little rusty thing. Interesting eh? It is an ancient bagel cutter.Actually the guy tells me it is for cutting bamboo....but he didn't sound to convinced about this, so I'll leave it to your imagination. He was nice enough to demo it for me though.

Ah what a lovely sunset from the balcony...ah. By the way it is winter here and it is quite cold...well, not Montana cold mind but coat weather much of the time. I like it. Way better than the nasty humid seasons.

Got to see Keith LoBue, Irena and the twins a couple time while I was here. Funny thing...those glasses we are wearing are identical (shot was taken at ArtFest) we both received the exact same pair of glasses as a gift...the same night. Here's a little surprise:
Keith (no glue) LoBue and I are teaming up this Fall. We are in the process of putting together a duo workshop in Portland...LoMeng and deBue. The specifics are being worked out...but stay tuned.

Next stop Idyllwild...talk then...