Saturday, June 14, 2008

Diablo or NO Diablo

Hey every from down unda
hangin with Judy for a few weeks...trying to get our prototype together for the Bali workshop.

So those of you who are thinking of attending one or all of my Artist Nook/Ft. Collins Colorado workshops...Christine and I have a little surprise...a chance to win a piece of my art...custom made for you. As some of you know Christine is my on-line store biz partner and she just moved her workshop retreat venue to a new location. As a way of celebration her new space we thought we'd have a little fun.

Demon or No Demon
For each deMeng workshop that a student takes this July, they will receive a little matchbox...filled with something. The idea is to get the one with a little devil. If you get the devil I will make a little shrine for you (roughly 4"x6"ish) that will incorporate a personal item that you would like included.

Here are the three workshops where have a chance of the little demon

Found Object Alchemy 2-day w/ Michael deMeng (7/17-7/18)

Transparency Collage-ssemblage w/ Michael deMeng (7/19)

Morpheus Box w/ Michael deMeng (7/20)

Sound like fun? So let's play...Demon...or No Demon.


Cindy Trobaugh said...

Damn. What a fun project; but alas, you have moved out of my traveling area. It's a great idea though. Cindy T

Jen Cushman said...

Michael -- I didn't realize the significace when you gave me the little demon at Art Unraveled for my box-of-bulbs present. Here I was being a smart ass! Oh well, I still wrote about it and how I'm now an official "DeMengian". (

Have fun -- Jen