Monday, April 28, 2008

A Judy-Michael colaborative workshop in Bali

Bali Workshop
March 11-19 2009

Well , that's it is... the first ever teaching collaboration between Judy and Bali!!! of all places. Here's a peek at where we are teaching:

Yeah mate!
We are quite excited and busy putting together the class description. The workshop will run from March 11-19, 2009. We are honing in on the fine details, but students will be creating one project that utilizes techniques from both of us. Sounds fun. But what could the project be? I'm not giving it up yet...but I promise you... it is way cool. We thought about it for a while and I think we have come up with something that is unique and Balinese at the same time. Stay tuned well be giving more info as time moves on but if you want more on the event and the location you can check out the Archangelo Productions website:
(yes, they are the ones who put on my Cortona, Italy workshop)
you can also contact them
2714 NW Savier St
Portland OR 97210

Bali workshops: 503.381.2434
Cortona workshops: 503.381.2433

Sound pretty nifty doesn't it...see you there. Class size is limited so....sign up now!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Angels in our Midst.

A whirlwind number of weeks....Portland....Seattle....Port Townsend....and Missoula. Judy just left and is hanging with the gals in Phillie, NY and beyond. I in the meantime have to get some stuff done before Art and Soul Virginia, in a few short weeks.

While Judy was traveling through my home of Missoula, we had a rigorous schedule of meeting friends and family...not to mention a bit of junkin' along the way. She had a number of opportunities to share her recent creation of the 12 Tribes. Funny thing is that one observation that people made was the similarities between her and my work. I think it is impossible to work next to someone in the studio for months on end and not be an influence to each other. Of course we were drawn together because of common interests but I think both of our works have changed and become closer because of the relationship. This is not always the case...I have plenty of artist friends in relationships with other artists, and the work looks nothing like the other person's. It makes for great fun and many more opportunities for collaboration.

Strangels or Strange Angels
I'm on a winged thing sort of kick. I've been working on a series of Strange Angels (some fallen some not). One of my all time favorite movies is Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders. Amazing cinematography and all around beautiful film about angels in Berlin (before the wall came down). It is the story of one angel who wants to live and be human as opposed to...well see the film...if I were a Hindu deity I would give it 6 thumbs up.

So ever since that film, I expanded my obsession from just vampires to that of angels...though, I have to admit that I'm still a sucker (pun intended) for the blood suckers. Wings of Desire is what inspired this latest series: