Saturday, March 22, 2008 we come

been back in Missoula getting the house ready for Ms. Judy's stay. I'll be meeting up with her on the West Coast and off to ArtFest we go. It will be great to see the gang and overwhelm Judy with introductions.

WorkShop Alert
But hang on....that's not all!!!!!!!!
A last minute workshop has plopped into my lap as we head up to Vancouver B.C. I'll be teaching the "I Can See Clearly Now...Transparency Collage-ssemblage" class at Ruby Dogs Art House
on Wed. April 9th. So all you Canadians or Washingtonites who couldn't get into this class at ArtFest have a shot.

Thats fine and dandy for all the people on the Pacific Coast what about yoooz guys in the east.
Another Workshop Alert!
Well another place I'm teaching at that doesn't get much press is the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh. If you're hanging out up there this June 3rd through 5th drop in and see me. Contact Laura Rundell for more info

well that's it for now.... See everyone somewhere.

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Jen Crossley said...

Im sure Judy is not going to know what hit her !I mean with people response to her work ,not your house cleaning skills Michael LOL