Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, what a pain...
We have had a burglar...in the middle of the day. I was home....down in the studio, working away. Judy's son was in and out, house all locked up and through a window crept a human spider man. I say this because this is no easy window to ascend...something like this:...okay I'm exaggerating, but still an amazing feat. So in the window, and he snagged a few things...
a watch of mine, my camera, a few things of Judy's, and my laptop
...with everything on it.

Luckily I had everything on an external hard drive....
Oh rats! He decided to take that too!

And then he was gone. I didn't hear a thing, and if I did I must have assumed Ari was still at home. No one knew anything had happened until a neighbor had mentioned that they saw someone jump out of the window. Spry little bastard.

Much of my life has flown out the window...well not that bad...just a pain, because all my email addresses, schedules, class descriptions (photos etc.) gonzo. Some of these items, I have on my computer at home but not the most recent stuff. I almost left my hard drive at home, but brought it just in case something happened to my computer. I was using it to transfer data that morning and left it on the table with it. Oh well....nothing tragic happened, at least.

So a simple request to those who can help...
  1. Anyone who was on my email list, just drop me a line so I can save your info...I have some of this stashed away on my newsletter program back home, but it wouldn't hurt.
  2. Also, I'm trying to recover some of my files relating to workshop proposals. so anyone with class descriptions and images. I would love to have you foreword them my way.
well that's it, a bit of adventure...and I feel a bit violated (blush), El Charro where are you?


Julie said...

damn...what a mess! I hope you are able to recover quickly.

Judy Wise said...

Oh, man, that's rotten. My sympathies.

stephanie lee said...

You make it sound so comical, I was waiting for you to say "just kidding". My goodness!! i can only imagine the string of words that poured out when the reality hit! Oh man...the recovery process!! And to think you were THERE!!! Best of luck to you.

lklight said...

That is my worst nightmare, can't believe that they took your external HD as well.
You really need to teach a class in how to remain calm in a crisis, I'd be an absolute mess right now!
Anyway, I have 3 pieces of your work, if you want photos, let me know.
So sorry to hear this...but hey, at least they didn't get any rusty stuff, right?!

Anthroid_X said...

Oh Michael i am so sorry to hear this. It would make me sooooooooooo damn mad. And yes, you have the right to feel violated. And a little spooked out too.

I hope you can somehow recover your losses. I am sending lots of good thoughts to help with this.


Jen Crossley said...

There are some low life scum out there,what a hyde though while your in the house,he sounds like a human spidermen to scan out that window
It could of been worse you could of ran into him,god know's if he had a weapon on him

jo said...

I hope they catch the little bugger and let you say a few *choice* words!! Its a real inconvenience, but the worst part is knowing some stranger was there without you knowing.
I totally understand the violated feeling, I remember when our house was broken in to, I scrubbed it from top to bottom and washed ALL our clothes. I just felt so dirty.
I have quite a few workshop descriptions and photos so will email them through.
Hows Judy?? I would hate to be that thief if she got her hands on him!!!
Kind thoughts to you all,
Love Jo

Anthroid_X said...

Hey Michael!

Thanks for the compliment on my site redesign!

Both your messages came through. I just have it set so i approve them before they show up.

At first i was like "Who is Judy?" and then i realized you first posted from your girlfriend's account :)

I recently flew over Montana while coming home from Washington State and i thought of you. Beautiful country out that way!

~Eyescream~ said...

Sorry to hear of your home violation & drama. It is never an easy thing to deal with & it sucks that there are some evil individuals out there. And yes, my first thoughts were... "oh no, not the rusty's". Though HD & computer info is about as bad, as I know I keep loads of art on that.
Also, I have to say I did get a slight snicker rumble when I saw the image of the tower, so thanks for that. Humor Can heal.

Much luck with all.
I love your work (& book).
take care,

Karen Cole said...

I certainly hope whomever took your electronic life away, at least knows how incredibly valuable this is.

I think it is everyones worst nightmare.

I wish I knew if I had any information you might want....I can't imagine, but I'm willing to help if you need it.

Truxton said...


The rotten bastard! I know some hard hittin' boys from Butte we could get on this case right away. I'd be more than happy to organize a fund raiser to come up with the dough for a plane ticket to get these boys on the hunt. Please keep us posted if something positive happens. I hope a rabid Kola bites the jerk in the junk.

Tejae said...

Sorry to hear that michael. I have some things from your class I can scan in and email to you.


Anonymous said...

Good grief Michael how scary. All I gots to say is it's a good thing for him that you didn't see him. You could've poked the tip of your liquid nails can through his heart, or dremeled out his juglar vein.

I'm very sorry about your laptop--replacing all that stuff is going to bite the big one.

Give Judy lotsa hugs--I'm sure she's pretty shaken up.