Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dia de los Muertos 2007

Hey all

As many of you know the city of Oaxaca is in is so sad. What a beautiful place. Hopefully it can be that same magical city and everything will calm down. This has put the Day of the Dead workshop (2007) in the land of question marks. I have been talking to Colleen Darling (my organizer) and we are looking at a few options. Perhaps things will miraculously turn around and all will be well in a year. Another option that has popped up is moving it out of Mexico (there are really only a few places that celebrate D.O.D. with the zest of Oaxaca), and into Antigua Guatamala (the picture above is Antigua- I was amazed at how much it reminds me of Oaxaca). Apparently Day of the Dead is well celebrated there. We are checking with everyone who wants to go and see what sort of consensus there is. So just thought I'd keep everyone informed for now.

And Gris,

If you buy that bet I'll be there with whoever wants to follow.


Gris said...

OHH you got my post...I have been thinking that this would be wonderful, and have spent a bit of time asking more questions (I have not got responce about the price)

This old place was built by Diego Rodríguez, one of the "capitanes" of Hernán Cortés who directed the conquest of the Great Tenochtitlán, he founded this place in 1542 north of Tulancingo Hidalgo, my home town. In those days it had 400 000 "hectáreas" and it was mainly used as a ranch, it has a long sad history because they used Indian slaves. (You have to read "Mexico" by Mitchner) Only 11 years ago it was purchased by a pilot/flyer by the name of Eduardo Cortés, the area was reduced to only 6 "hectáreas" (what is that word in English?) Eduardo Cortés turned the former estate of Apulco into a hot-air balloon base and they said that in compensation for the lack of land the great house comes with a few active ghosts and plenty of sinester you imagine this place at night with your group of artists staying there?
I wish I could buy it, specially becuause it is so close to my home family would take care of things...but is not possible at the moment...YOU THINK ABOUT BUYING IT...I am just planting the seed!

Gris said...

Here is a link to the Hacienda

Saints and Sinners said...

I was thinking the same thing this year...that it was a good thing you didn't have it planned, and we'd all be there in the middle of a revolution...

I hope it will settle long before next November for everyone there.

Diane Havnen-Smith said...

Hey Michael,
Nice to see you at Art & Soul--how I wish we were all still sitting on the sidewalk in Cortona basking in the glory of Italy. Was just going to email you but ended up on your blog and recognized the photo right away. Have you been to Antigua? I was there a year ago and the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)-- festivities at the cemetery were pretty great, involving unbelievably huge colorful round kites. The kite launching is interesting and entertaining, especially if one happens to get caught in the launching path as I did. I have the video clip to prove just how entertaining it really was! There is a lot of grave traipsing with the launch process and one must watch the foiled flights (as there are many) and getting hit with one can be dangerous, maybe even fatal! Incredible day--lots of music, food, colors, scents, people hanging out on the large grave stones, kids playing tag around and on fresh mounds of dirt. I was either brave or stupid to eat a most delicious taco from a dirty food stand but, thankfully, had no ill effects. Fabulous day. Wonderful place, but not Cortona- a tough act to follow. Let's chat about Guatemala and also when you'd like to do the workshop in my studio in Clackamas.
Hope you are well, Michael!

Rosa Murillo said...

I just love your altered things and art, I have to share this Altar de Muertos I made for Nov 2nd:
best wishes

Anonymous said...

Damn! just as i started saving my pennies for this infamous workshop and celebration...

Thanx for trying and please keep us posted of alternative plans.

May justice be quick to assert itself and peace soon prevail.