Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hey all,

back from Ft. Collins and the Artists Nook. A great three days of junk, paint and art.

The work turned out great and it is always a great treat when the artwork produced is so individualized. I worry sometimes that as a teacher you can force a style onto people, even unintentionally.

Great times...once again I am leaving this week for another workshop, this time in Idyllwild, CA,
at Idyllwild Arts.

I not getting much done in the studio, but at least I'm meeting lots of cool people.

More later.



-X- said...

I am glad you are meeting a lot of cool people, Michael. I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

I too am not getting as much work done as i had hoped. Summer has never been my most prolific creative period. I seem to favor watching bad horror flicks, and catching up on reading instead :)

Thinking of you

Griselda Tello said...

Hello Michael, I am glad to know your Summer is going well, I have been traveling with my husband's business.
He mentioned Missoula again as a place to move away from California and I remembered that is your town, I hope you don't mind if I email you with a few questions about it...I think of Montana as the end of the world...but then again it is reasuring for me to see you moving around freely.

I have browsed about in your site and loved the new art you have created, such a talented artist!

Sending you all my best.

The Art Spirit said...

Waves at Karina...
I left a duplicated post on your blog...I did not see you have to approve it first.

Anonymous said...

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