Saturday, June 06, 2009

El Diablo and St. Sebastian

I've been busy making figurines.  Diablos, Santos, and Calaveras...oh my.  I know...I know...when do I have time to make stuff when I'm busy teaching.  No I don't have little deMengian elves working away...I wouldn't trust em...elves know nothing about assemblage.

My latest creations are: St. Sebastian and Uni-Devil

St. Sebatian.  some of you may remember him from art school history classes.  He was the martyred saint who was pieced with arrows.  
 to legend is said that the Romans shot him with so many arrows that when they were through he was pieced so many times that he looked  like an urchin.  Pretty grim.

Here's my version

He's made from an acupuncture model.  Those little arrows are little things that Judy found.
I put a little clock inside that strays a bit from the story but what the heck.

 I also did an interesting technique that I teach in classes that creates an nice mummified look.  No...I won't divulge it here.  I have to save some goodies for my classes, but I do show how to do it in my next book...coming March...or so they tell me.

Another recent creation is a bit lighter in mood.  My Uni-Devil
I made him thinking of puppets and old automatic bank figures.  He's mixture of plastic doll parts and...well...this that and the other thing.  Oh...check out those bat wings.  I love a good set of bat wings.  Once again this is from Judy's stash of stuff that she sells on her Etsy site...shhhh don't mention that I swiped them.  
 Doesn't he look like he's having a good time?  He's so Devil-may-care.
 These are the types of goodies we'll be making in Oaxaca for the Day of the Dead workshop: Calaveras y Diablos y Santos, Oh My!  I am very excited about this I always am, but this time I get to bring my beloved Judy with me and show her my favorite place in the world (she's never been).  Of course I have a feeling that I won't be able to get her away from the street of vintage books in Mexico City (it is pretty overwhelming).   Should be fun...  Off to make a Mayan God of the Underworld.  


Kim Tedrow said...

An acupuncture doll -- brilliant! Quite a step-up from altered Barbies. Love both pieces, esp. Sebastian.

MarZel said...

I love everything you do!! BUT...that St. Sebstian is incredible. What a moving, modern peice! The depth is increible and the detail is superb!! Smiles

papercracker said...

I really like the right side of Sebastian. Is your next book called "The Secret of Crusty Things"?

Laurel said...

St. Sebastian is gorgeous! My favorite things to read in my Marymount middle school days were the lives of the (martyred) saints - along with Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne, of course!

Anonymous said...

I simply love the Uni-Devil.
Also the technique you used for St. Sebastian was very clever.

Gretz said...

I love St Sebastian. Those arrows are amazing. Judy sure is the Queen of Junking Finds!

Sam Marshall said...

WOW! I love the acupunctured ST. Sebastian-just amazing. That uni-devil is very cool, too.

peggy gatto said...

Michael, quite compelling!!!!!
Thank you for asilomar!
I finally finished "1" of 4 images for my toys! Come by if you can!

kelsey said...

It's your St Sebastian and you can tell the story however you like, personally, I like the clock! He can see how long it takes him to "check out"!

The devil makes me think of that tv series "Carnivale"! I loved all the darkness and weirdness of that...were you a fan of that one too?

Might see you in a couple of weeks! hahahaha

Vickie said...

St. Sebastian is magnificent. I used to love archery, but saints were off limits :) My brothers and I used to look through my mom's 'Lives of the Saints' book searching for the most horrific deaths. St. Sebastian always made the top three. Ol' El Diablo made me chuckle, he really does look like he's having fun. So glad you share your art with us. Looking forward to Oaxaca!

HeArt Collective said...

creepy cool as usual!
diggin' your chili, dude...

Sue McGettigan said...

Love the acupuncture Sebastian, how perfect :) The devil reminds me of an old witch puppet I had in the '70s, I'll have to dig her up.

I finished my frame from the class this past weekend, now I'm a happy camper. Thanks for sharing so much information in the classes, it's truly inspiring, now I'm on a roll :)

Anonymous said...

Love St. Sebastian! Isn't he the patron saint of gays?


Anonymous said...

Poor fellow!
Very interesting work , the devil has such a great expression too!