Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Workshop till you drop...Vancouver B.C. and beyond

Howdy pardners, getting ready to head off to Australia to see my girlie-friend, from there we are off to teach at Stacey and Rob's place in Bali...I know, woe is me.

Just wanted to give you the skinny on a few upcoming workshops.

Extra, Extra, Just in!
I'm heading back to Vancouver B.C. this Spring to teach a couple days of classes. The Upstart Crow is sponsoring me. I'll be teaching my deMented Toy Workshop and a class called Nicho Libre, in which will be creating little homes for...something...possible something from the deMented Toy class. The classes can be taken separately or build off of each other.
The dates are March 28th and 29th...coming right up.
Here's where you can find more info:

deMeng de los Muertos in Oaxaca Mexico
Just wanted to mention that my annual Day of the Dead class is starting to fill up. So if you're on the won't regret it....I promise.
For more info go here:
or to get on the list contact:
Colleen Darling
Home 805-688-1221
Cell 805-448-1509

Hope to all of you....somewhere.


Karen Cole said...

Have a great trip, Michael.

Lisa B. (bonnerparty) said...

Hi there Michael -- of course wishing I could participate in all of these workshops! Will you be planning another one in Missoula anytime soon - I was unable to come over the hill for the one in February (I live in Salmon, ID), but would really love to participate sometime. The upcoming travel/workshop schedule looks fantastic - enjoy the journey!

Chris said...

Have a fabulous time! You are always just slacking around, it's good that you get out!!

I am hoping to save save save up for your Carol Parks class, but I keep taking flights places! Don't you think flights are fancy? I wish you wonderful classes, wherever they take you and your girlie friend!

Vickie said...

Bali sounds like the place to be, the temp is about 20' here in NY and there's plenty of snow on the ground.
My sweet daughter called me with an alternate suggestion for Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca. It's a ceremony in Madagascar called famadihana
I'll pass in this one. Oaxaca is more my style.
Have fun, I know you will!

Vickie said...

I think that link is a dud. At times I am technically challenged :)
This one should have a slide show--fingers crossed

so OCD

Anonymous said...