Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spur of the Moment Mexico City Trip

Heading to Mexico City in a about a week. I know, I was just there, but I found out about a killer place that I neeeeeeeeded to get some photographs of, for my book. Now, then main place that I'm visiting will remain a secret for the time being. The photo below is an obscure hint....
I'm heading over there with my buddy Stacey of Arcangelo Productions, who is organizing Judy and my upcoming Bali retreat....she also does my Cortona Italy workshop. She's never been to Mexico City, so I'll have fun showing her what I know, as well as hitting some places I've overlooked in the past.

One of the places we're going to is Coyoacan. A beautiful suburb of Mexico City...also home (now meseum) of Frida. There is great market on Sat. and not far a killer antique market..lots of old toys, usually. So should be fun.

Stacey found this exhibit going on...Vampiros y Hombres Lobos...Vampires and werewolves. I'll give you a review...could be good...could be really bad...either way it will be totally Mexico...If it least there is a book market in this area worth going to.

One place we're going to for sure is Cafe Tacuba for dinner...the best Oaxacan Mole...well...that isn't in Oaxaca.

I'm planning on doing a bit of video taping will I should be able to do a bit of tour guiding for you all...assuming my new Flip HD works swimmingly.

On another front...
just to let you know my Missoula Workshop is coming up on Jan 25th...if you're interested drop me an email

Also registration has started for my Feb 20-22 workshops in Ft Collins CO workshop at the Artists Nook. Mad Alchemist Cabinet (two day) and deMented Toys. click here if you're interested

That's it for now...adios amigos.


Vickie said...

My friend Angie was born in Chile. We have had many discussions regarding ghosts, apparitions and scary stuff. According to the her version of the legend, La Llorana is the guide for the dead, as they follow her footprints and cries along the path that takes them from their earthly dwelling to the Beyond. It is said that she cries like a hired mourner for the relatives of the deceased so that they can promptly recover from the loss. By this she prevents the spirit of the dead from appearing to torment them for their lack of tears and for not showing enough sorrow.

With her abundant tears, which form a crystal-clear pool, she indicates the spot in a cemetery where the grave should be dug and the coffin deposited. It is said that if mourners have put the grave in the right place, they need to completely fill the grave with soil or one of the relatives of the deceased will die.

Other versions say that La Llorona makes the hearts of those who listen to her lamentations shudder and that she hypnotizes men who wander around before dawn and spends the night with them to comfort her for the loss of her child.

In some tales, one could see La Llorona if a dog's tears is rubbed on one's eyes--Wikipedia and my I add yuck!!

Vampires are fun anywhere, but Mexican vampires will not disappoint. There may even be a couple in my next book.
Enjoy, amigo! Just remember--cuidado when walking about before dawn.

Anonymous said...

thank goodness i can travel vicariously through other's escapades! i might grumble a bit in envy 'tho....
hope to see some great pics/videos and hear alllll about the food at the cafe!
wish i could depend on good driving weather to fort collins for the workshop. ya never know - could be 60 and sunny along i-70 or 30 with white-outs all along the way. someday i'll get to one of your workshops....
i loved vickie's post & story!
happy trails to you....

papercracker said...

Hi Michael, did you realize you wrote: "If it least there is a book market in this area worth going to." I just had to ask you, shouldn't all vampire exhibits "suck"? Or do they just bite?
Have fun in Mexico - can't wait to get more details on your next book.

Griselda said...

In the late 60's I used to take my paintings to The Bazar del Sabado in Coyoacan, every weekend. Those streets keep the memory of days gone by...when the streets are empty, you feel like time has stopped, and you might meet Frida Kahlo around any corner. That is my Mexico, the places where I like the best of that enormous city. I am glad you were there.

Judi said...

"if it sucks..."? That was on purpose, right? Very funny.