Thursday, November 20, 2008


So Judy just sent me a very cool link (she knows me so well). I thought I'd share,

An Authentic Vampire Hunters Kit, from the 19th century sold at auction for 15,000 smackers.How flippin' cool is that?!!!!
best yet here's what it includes:

• A Gothic style cross.
• Bible.
• Hand gun and silver bullets
• Holy oils.
• Holy water.
• Mirrors.
• Candles.
• Garlic.
• Top-of-the range wood and metal stake with added cross for vampiric extra-pain.
• Extra wood stakes, just in case.

Silver Bullets!!!!!!! did you read that? Now just to let you all know that I'm putting this little guy on my wish list. Everyone hear that? If you're looking for the perfect Xmas or Birthday present for deMeng...this is it.

I feel a workshop in Transylvania coming on. I am doing a workshop next year that is similar in concept. I call it the "Mad Alchemist's Cabinet" Where we create a cabinet to hold all you mad scientist tools.

as you can see from the above photo I use cupie dolls and fake eyeballs in my scietific investigations. A must.

So for all you mad or even slightly delusional alchemists... I'll be teaching it2009 at Artists Nook, Valley Ridge, , the Stamp Act, Random Arts and Idyllwild. It was actually inspired by coolest silent film ever...the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Its a story of an alchemist who controls a man to do his bidding.

Rent it. Buy it. You'll never see better example of German Expressionism painting styles put to film.

Fangs for the memories,



Anonymous said...

That kit is one of the freakin' coolest things I have ever seen. Ever. Wow.
Seems like awesome inspiration for a class to me.

Judy said...

Look how fresh the garlic looks after all the years - lol!

Vickie said...

Sigh...I, too, lust for the Authentic Vampire Hunter's Kit, but am afraid it would also kill my twisted vampire muse--the gang would never forgive me.
Working in health care, I had a patient come in for a test we performed, a blood volume study. He said he'd been studying vampires for years and had a sinking feeling that they may have been taking free samples when he was unaware. One of my coworkers facetiously asked if he studied werewolves,too. Aghast, he replied that would be far too dangerous. Sometimes I really love my job.

JudyS. said...

So cool.. I would love to see that in person. I just love all that stuff.. too many years of "Dark Shadows", the "Munsters" and "Creature Double Feature", (did any watch that?)

HeArt Collective said...

so crazy... and its "authentic"...?

i have to go read the article from your facebook...

happy hunting!

Allegra Smith said...

I am in love, love you hear? with that wonderful kit. I am tempted to do something similar in a shadow box. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have that by the front door, with a big black cape lined in purple hanging by its side? Ah the days of Dark Shadows...Barnabas where are thou? Miguel my dear, you must teach the Dr. deMengto class in Portland.
Btw, The cabinet of Dr. Caligari and the original Metropolis not the remake are two of my most favorite movies. Fangs for the memory to you as well.

Sue said...

Oh wow what a fantastic thing that is!!!And such inspiration for a class.........ever thought of classes the other side of the pond????
Having been to Transylvania (and Draculas castle) this summer I think you might be disappointed!! Not that it isn't fantastic place to go it's just not creepy and vampire-y. In fact the castle was more fairy-tale!!

kelsey said...

OMG!!! I HAVE to have one of those....Christmas IS coming up, wonder if I can convince hubby I really, REALLY need it!!! I feel a vampire theme "something" coming up.....

Sam Marshall said...

Looks cool!

Randy Hill said...

Very cool Michael. I'm sure you are aware of Alex CF...he has created some amazingly creepy assemblages that you can view on his site here:

gary warren niebuhr said...

Oddly, when I shopped the King of DeForest's rummage sale, he had one of these.
OK, kiddin'. But you can bet I am signing up for Valley Ridge and I am already hoping the Muscoda St. Vincent De Paul has some eye balls in stock next August. GWN

Chris said...

Oh, I just saw this. I watched it TWICE for halloween, and I loved every second. german expressionism just puts me OUT. I think everyone should see this, even if they aren't into the mysteries.

LOVE that vampire hunter's box. I'm going to be in that vampire-ish class in Transylvania. And don't take me for granted, because I'm going to check here every day until you announce it!

now I have to go see if you're going to be at valley ridge while Michelle is, because I would love to take both!

Jen Crossley said...

Very cool thats for sure,Judy knows you too well

Cricket said...

The coolest thing like this I'd ever seen in person was a vintage exorcist kit... but this is more awesome. And your 'cabinet' class sounds verryyy intriguing!

artgirly said...

OMG...a workshop in Transylvania- I am there! I love the kit...wish it wasnt so damn expensive. Man...

kdj said...

your post reminded me of the time I met Granpa Munster at his restaurant in NCY (adding one 'vampire hunter kit' to my holiday wishlist ... may as well dream)

Erin Glee said...

Bloody Hell! That Vampire "Repellant" Kit is expensive, considering most of America seems to be reading/watching/falling in LOVE with Vampires... come hither, my Parasite!

seth said...

What a cool kit...but I like your Mad Alchemist's Cabinet even more.