Monday, October 13, 2008

Eat. drink, and be merry

So just got back from Art and Soul...quite an amazing time for a number of reasons

Numero Uno: Judy was teaching and we spent some very nice time playing in Portland (although much of it was spent preparing for classes)

Numero Dos: Keith Lo Bue and I had a blast teaching our duo class...I even learned a thing or twelve.

Numero Tres: Art and Soul is great because I get to see and hang with my teaching we are in the bar at the Embassy Suites....I told Susan Lenart Kazmer not to stand on the she is going to listen to me.

Another great part of this trip was hanging with our buddies Rob and Stacey of Arcangelo Productions (they are the ones that our putting on Judy and my duo Bali retreat and did my Cortona class).. Here's a nice photo that they took of us Rob introduced me to some very tasty Portland made Sub Rosa Spirits: infused Tarragon and Saffron Vodka...since then we have decided the we may perhaps start a blog entitled "Blogdka"...not sure that it would be much to read but it would surely be fun to prep for...I digress.

Speaking of Rob and Stacy, they are now total blog addicts...Judy and I spent an entire dinner attempting to convince them that they would have a blast blogging. Rob seemed quite dubious...well no more. They decided to start a blog on their life in Bali, Italy, Portland and everywhere else they see fit...its called VITA...Of course there is a questionable photo of me in one of the posts...I think it may have been Photo-shopped. Check it out (the blog...not the questionable photo)


HeArt Collective said...

Lol... OMG... questionable photo is awful!!! LOL


Jen Crossley said...

Glad you and Judy got to spend some time together if only for a short time

Chris said...

Now I'm curious... why was she standing on the table? Were you working at the time? Was she standing on her work to flatten it? Was there a Scary Critter under her chair?

Some people just like standing on tables.