Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dynamic Duos

Sorry for the looooooooooooong delay in posting. Where to begin….I guess where I left off.

Lo Bue/deMeng class: Well my last post eluded to the formation of a class with Keith and myself. Well it is a go and Glenny of Art and Soul added another couple days of classes for us…as well as Judy. It will feel like I'm back in Sydney. So here is the skinny on the class. By the way I'm not Robin....I'm Batman...sorry Keith. If you're interested go here

BOXED IN, HUNG UP AND WORN OUT Join assemblage artists Michael de Meng and Keith Lo Bue as they combine forces for the first time to present this energetic workshop of discovery and assembly. Students will create a personal shrine or housing using de Meng's guidance, and as the piece comes together, Lo Bue will work with students to develop a wearable piece that nestles into its new home. Each instructor shares their own divergent yet harmonious creative and technical viewpoints with the class, as over two industrious days an intimate and unique 'piece-within-a-piece' takes shape. Sure to be a memorable experience and one not to be missed!

Now…sounds like fun doesn't it…well it will be. It will be fascinating working with another artist in a classroom. I should mention that I had envisioned a slightly more deMengian class description…but one must compromise in these occasions. Here was my original class description before we merged. I add this because if you take the class and see me in a giant fig outfit…you'll know why.
Boxed in (deMengian version)

Back in the olden days, you may recall a commercial for Fig Newtons. It consisted of a guy in a Fig suit dancing to the famous lyrics: Ewy, gooey, rich and chewy inside. Golden, flaky, tender on the outside. Wrap the inside with the outside it's a good, darn, tootin! Call it the Big Fig's the tricky part...the Big Fig more time! The Big Fig Newton!!! Now Keith Lo Bue and Michael deMeng are doing a class based on this famous pop culture sequence. Keith will be in charge of the Ewy, gooey, rich and chewey inside…and Michael, the golden, flaky, tender on the outside. Okay…perhaps this description isn't exactly accurate…but it sort of is; an interior/exterior piece of art. In this class students will be creating two pieces in one; they will be creating a smaller found object art piece that will fit nicely into an larger assemblage shrine. The internal relic will be created under the guidance of Keith Lo Bue (a.k.a. No Glue Lo Bue) and fashioned using a variety of his techniques. A larger reliquary will be created with the assistance of Michael "I eat glue" deMeng using a variety of processes including, assemblage, collage and painting. *note: these are not two separate classes! Michael and Keith will be putting their artistic differences aside (for two days only) and will working side by side in the classroom. It will be a grand opportunity for students to simultaneously experience two found object artists with dramatically different approaches.

We're looking forward to the process.

Fast forward to March….Bali Dynamamic Duo part 2 (I'm still Batman)

Judy and I are doing the Bali combo class…so what we haven't shown you is the form…we will be working form. As you may remember we be working in the form of a Balinese temple that can be opened up with separate sacred compartments. My portion of the class will focus on the exterior structure and Judy's, the interior. So far we only have images of the temple, but more on the way from Judy. If you're interested click here:

Hope to see you all there.



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kass said...

you have no idea how much I want to go to Bali!!

Ottilias Veranda said...

Oh I wish I could come to Bali!!! I just want to tell You that You can collect a Blog award on my blog from little me! Take it as an sign of my total admiration of Your absolutely stunning art!! ( I thought I´d better give one to Judy as well! You´re equally fantastic artists!!) Thank You for sharing with us!


donnaj said...

i like the 'fig newton' version of the class better :)

LaY hOoN said...

Wow !!!!
I wish one day I can attend your class.

HeArt Collective said...


its *really* lame of me to stay away from your blog for such lengths of time because you always always entertain!

you are a goof ball in the best sense of the word...

take it easy!

Dale said...

these temples are fabulously stunning! I just love the look of them.... my fingers positively itch to touch :).