Monday, April 28, 2008

A Judy-Michael colaborative workshop in Bali

Bali Workshop
March 11-19 2009

Well , that's it is... the first ever teaching collaboration between Judy and Bali!!! of all places. Here's a peek at where we are teaching:

Yeah mate!
We are quite excited and busy putting together the class description. The workshop will run from March 11-19, 2009. We are honing in on the fine details, but students will be creating one project that utilizes techniques from both of us. Sounds fun. But what could the project be? I'm not giving it up yet...but I promise you... it is way cool. We thought about it for a while and I think we have come up with something that is unique and Balinese at the same time. Stay tuned well be giving more info as time moves on but if you want more on the event and the location you can check out the Archangelo Productions website:
(yes, they are the ones who put on my Cortona, Italy workshop)
you can also contact them
2714 NW Savier St
Portland OR 97210

Bali workshops: 503.381.2434
Cortona workshops: 503.381.2433

Sound pretty nifty doesn't it...see you there. Class size is limited so....sign up now!


Sam Marshall said...

Wow! A workshop in Bali- now that sounds so awesome!!!!

Julie H said...

Please don't leave details too long. Sign-ups for Anahata's workshops open in three days and with a $1000 deposit I won't be able to change my mind about week to do. There are three of us looking to sign up together.

Karen Cole said...

Where in the world are Michael and Judy? Do you know the Wally series? You guys certainly get around. Now if we could just get her to come to Italy.

This looks like a dream.

Saints and Sinners said...

looks AMAZING!!! its gonna be beautiful!