Saturday, April 19, 2008

Angels in our Midst.

A whirlwind number of weeks....Portland....Seattle....Port Townsend....and Missoula. Judy just left and is hanging with the gals in Phillie, NY and beyond. I in the meantime have to get some stuff done before Art and Soul Virginia, in a few short weeks.

While Judy was traveling through my home of Missoula, we had a rigorous schedule of meeting friends and family...not to mention a bit of junkin' along the way. She had a number of opportunities to share her recent creation of the 12 Tribes. Funny thing is that one observation that people made was the similarities between her and my work. I think it is impossible to work next to someone in the studio for months on end and not be an influence to each other. Of course we were drawn together because of common interests but I think both of our works have changed and become closer because of the relationship. This is not always the case...I have plenty of artist friends in relationships with other artists, and the work looks nothing like the other person's. It makes for great fun and many more opportunities for collaboration.

Strangels or Strange Angels
I'm on a winged thing sort of kick. I've been working on a series of Strange Angels (some fallen some not). One of my all time favorite movies is Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders. Amazing cinematography and all around beautiful film about angels in Berlin (before the wall came down). It is the story of one angel who wants to live and be human as opposed to...well see the film...if I were a Hindu deity I would give it 6 thumbs up.

So ever since that film, I expanded my obsession from just vampires to that of angels...though, I have to admit that I'm still a sucker (pun intended) for the blood suckers. Wings of Desire is what inspired this latest series:


BloggingQueen said...

I like that -- "Strangels." I think I'd have to spell it StrAngels, so people don't pronounce it "strangles." You know how people are with spelling.

I can just see myself keeping the fourth-to-last one in my pocket as a talisman.

Judy Wise said...

Mind boggling. Incredible. You da' man. Wow. (walks away muttering to herself ...)

azirca said...

Your work never ceases to amaze me. You have such a unique style that shines through in every single one of your pieces. You are such an inspiration.
These pieces in your 'wings of desire' series are absolutely stunning. Those ornate frames that you are using are so beautiful and are the perfect way to frame your fabulous art, and as for those GIANT rusty drill bits, YIKES... they are something else!

WOW, I'm in total and utter awe!

Sarah aka Flo said...

I could look at your work for hours, there is so much detail and interest and fascination in there

Sam Marshall said...

Wow!!! Your work is amazing.

J a n e said...

Happy to see you back
(Missed your blogging)

Lovely work as usual!

I might see you in VA? I am only there for 3 days though (Wednesday -Friday) leaving Friday after teaching to rush back home for the Baltimore Scooter Rally and Saturday morning.

I will send you my new Cell phone number just in case you get in before I have to go.


Dale said...

Fabulous art here on your post! I really like the little 'wings' on the frame of the one piece... fabulous :)

The photo from the movie, with the angel, looks so very powerful. How evocative... i must see that movie :)

Trae said...

I humbly bow and tip my brush to you. Again. wow.

Anthroid_X said...

"Strangels" is a very Tom Waits word :)

I love the new series and i am sure i don't have to tell you that Wings of Desire is one of my favorite films.


rustymermaid said...

Really like the angels series,
I missed your Vancouver workshop hopefully you will pass this way again.
Cheers Barbara.

Janine said...

Love the Angels series Michael - and the Strangels! Just love your style!

Burnell Yow! said...

Your work is a wonderful example of the idea of the "artist as shaman."

Denise Felton said...

Whooooooooaaaaaaa. Fabulous work. I'm so excited to find your blog!

between the worlds said...

hi michael-
your new pieces are AMAZING! I can't wait till the end of may and class in Boston! you and judy are so inspiring!

cambria said...

I love your stuff! Very cool! I also love your blog!! I am 12 and I make handmade jewelry. I have just started a blog and a shop on ETSY where I sell my jewelry.

I would love it if you would come check out my blog sometime!

Ro Bruhn said...

More fabulous work Michael, love it all, so inspiring. I hope and am sure you had a great time with Judy, I can see the link between your work, very unique

Jen Crossley said...

Stunning work as always you never cease to amaze me.Im glad you and Judy got some junking time in mose important in any relationship LOL.
You complement each other in Life and your art

Loudlife said...

"Wings of Desire" is my favorite movie of all time, my already high opinion of you just got higher! I love the whole series, I wish I could hold them in my hands and pore over them for a long time. I get so much from looking at your stuff.

I'm reading your book right now and I really have to commend you on your excellent writing. Sometimes in art books I can't bear to read the text - it is either silly or dull - but yours is truly interesting and funny and informative all at once!

Gah! I'm sounding a little sycophantic here. I feel like I should mock you now just to even things out a little...


Shoshanah said...

hi michael!

as always, your creations just blow me away.

i love that movie to bits and haven't watched it in years. (makes mental note to make mental note to add it to "to do" list...) see you in the fall!

Kathryn and Joy said...

I'm lovin' your new pieces!