Monday, January 14, 2008

Where'd my Money Go?

Hey everyone, w'sup?

So Judy and I have been busy making lots of art...though we have yet to start our collaboration...well, that's not entirely true. We were heading to dinner at Keith Lo Bue's and his partner Irena's new home, and at the last minute we decided we needed a house warming gift. So in two hours we put together a Chamsah/book cover/wall hanging. It turned out great, but it was stressful...I hate working like that. Now I know how my students feel right before the art discussion portion of my class when I play the theme song to "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". I have to admit, though, nothing like a deadline to get some good stuff out of you. It actually turned out quite nice. Unfortunately we didn't have time to photograph it...sorry.

Ms. Wilkenfeld has been quite happy as of late with the arrival of her copies of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. She kept hearing about the article from her blog followers, and although she had seen the article, there is nothing like having the magazine in your hot little hands.

Okay now, we have been spending oodles of time junking and antiquing. We were at a great Antique Fair the other day with hundreds of vendors. And Judy came across a guy with tons of cast iron mechanical banks. I typically would not buy these because I sometimes feel a bit guilty transforming them. Now these are recast versions of a series from 1800s, so my guilt would be a bit less...even so, they are still pretty old. Now here's one that I bought because of Judy (Punch and Judy...I guess I'm least Punch Drunk). We thought we could do something with it in my booth at ArtFest (by the way Judy is going to be selling some of her goodies there as well). The coin goes into Judy's frying pan...then Punch whack's her. Nice healthy relationship going on there.

The next one is a hunter at target practice.
You place the coin on the gun and fire it into the stump. By the way, the button is his shoe.
Takes a bit of practice, but saving is hard work.

Now this one is what started all the commotion about the banks. Judy saw this piece and tried to hunt me down in the large auditorium. The Magician put the coin under the the button...the hat lowers and Presto!...the coin has magically vanished!The reason this piece is such a big deal is because my nostalgia about my Grandfather and his amateur magician status. Fond childhood memories. I talk about it in the introduction of my book, Secrets of Rusty Things. I'm not going to alter this piece. It's too nice.

As for the may see it pop up for sale.

I have been creating lots and lots of's quite amazing how inspiring Judy has been to me in my work as of late. I'm not going to show any pictures yet...I need to get a few more pieces done in the series first. I will tell you this...I have become a mad scientist...of sorts.Next Blog entry:
The Island of Dr Cyclops and his Bizarre Little Buddies
until then...bye bye


Gretz said...

Oh come on Michael that is hardly fair - telling us about this great collaborative piece and then no photos!

Looking forward to the Melbourne classes :-)

kris said...

Maybe Keith will post a photo! Too bad there is no way to cc Keith on this.

Jen Crossley said...

Looks like you bought some great stuff at the fair.Judy with a fry pan eh ,looks like back then they even put woman in the kitchen!!

Ro Bruhn said...

I finally received my copy of CPS yesterday, I haven't read all the article yet, congratulations to both of you on that wonderful project.
Love the metal bank, I should get one for my youngest daughter, she came out of the womb carrying a money box.