Sunday, December 30, 2007

The big secret finally revealed

Hey everybody,

Hope y'all had a good holiday and I hope that everyone has interesting plans for New Years. Judy and I will be at a party with good views the Sydney Harbour and the fireworks. Last year we were watching the ball drop in Time a year flew by.

Now, those of you who read Judy's blog already know that she got accepted to Portland Art and Soul. Good news, more time to spend with my beloved.

The other good fortune that happened to Judy was that Cloth Paper Scissors published an artist profile on her and the collaboration that we worked on last Feb. If you remember I published some cryptic images on my blog post, and now you know why I was so cryptic...we were waiting to see if we could get some press and sure enough. The article really relates to her family's history so check out the article usually her art and stories will touch your heart. It was an amazing piece to work on together...I did the exterior box and Judy created the various books inside. Truly, though, this is Judy's piece of work...I just came along for the ride. Congrats to my pretty girlfriend...well deserved kudos! you can read the article in the recent issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.
AND there is a nice back story available online here.


Karen Cole said...

The collaboration is beautiful. Unfortunately, it's the type of piece I'd love to get my hands on and really get to touch, smell....etc. You need a traveling show.

I'm so glad things are going so well for you guys.

It will surely be a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Give your girlfriend a hug for me, please.

xo Karen

azirca said...

oh wow! That looks amazing. It looks like there are so many hidden nooks and treasures lying in wait to be discovered, fantastic!

Seeing your work alongside Judy's in this collaborative piece really is a visual treat. You both have such unique styles but they both compliment each other so well.

Michael, you are so gracious and humble in taking a back seat and letting Judy shine like only she can in the CPS article. I can see your wonderful style in there though, you can't hide the deMeng!

Hope you New Year's celebrations go off with bang! We have a fireworks display here but it is indeed very lame, it's all over before it even begins and it is certainly nothing like the display that Sydney puts on.

Happy New Year to you both, may 2008 bring you both many truly wonderful things.

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous piece, congratulations to you both, two extremely talented people. Hope you both have a great new year down under.

Jen Crossley said...

This is a wonderful project you and Judy work well together, in life and art
Happy New Year to you and Judy

kelsey said...

I can't wait to get my copy of cps to read all about this wonderful collaboration between the two of you. You really WERE meant for each other and the words "soul-mates" epitomises the Michael & Judy....I want to say "show" but that's not the right word! (sort of makes me think of Punch & Judy Show so no, that's not right! lol)

Enjoy Sydney's fireworks tonight and I bet I know what YOU two will be doing at the stroke of naughty of me! ~grin~

Judy said...

I saw and read the article. Just beautiful! Congrats to both of you. I can already feel her shining. Hope to see you at Absolutely Everything in Mass in May..

Judy S.
former student
(gave you polymer clay piece)

Laurie said...

Hey Michael,
Happy New Year! Great pics from OZ! We spent New Year's Eve at the London Eye! Also a wonderful (although cold) place to bring in 2008. Wishing you and Judy all the are starting it off right, great article in CPS....congrats!
Laurie M.