Monday, October 15, 2007

who wants to go to italy?

Anyone...well guess what I'll be in Cortona again next year (the above picture is something Judy sent me from when she was in Florence. Some of last year's class members have shown some interest and I know I already have a few new signups. It will also be a bit of an an aniversary for Judy and I...since this is where we met....awwwwww...aint that sweet. Below is a funny set of pictures that Brad (Mr. Sally Jean) took. It could be a panorama. I seem to be having a good time enjoying my Campari or is it the site of Judy.
Must be Judy. xo

If you're interested here is Stacey's site with all the info

and here's what I'm teaching

The Alchemist's Book: Rust, Reliquaries and Illuminated Manuscripts in Tuscany
What could possibly be more inspiring than to create art with the view of the Italian countryside? Not much, I tell you. So off to the fortress town of Cortona we go�
Using a variety of found objects we will transform hardback books into found object shrines and/or reliquaries. These will be special three dimensional books that literally jump off the page. These can be used as art books to house your secrets or as art to proudly display skills as an assemblage alchemist. The cool part is that we will find most or found object goodies beneath the Tuscan Sun. Italian rust is the best. Since we are dealing with books we might as well play with paper. I love those old maps and manuscripts from days gone by. You will be incorporating techniques to age, color and antique paper, which can be included in the Alchemists book or displayed as works of art on their own. The class will incorporate a variety of techniques including collage, drawing, painting and, most importantly, assemblage. Its time to curl up with a good book�ut be careful, some found objects can be pointy. So are you ready to go?


Judy said...

Must be Sally-Jean!

Karen Cole said... didn't even give me one day to get my application in, for crying out loud!

deMeng said...

Hey you motivated didn't it. You guys already left when that picture was taken...and we missed the Route 66 clan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
I saw the first pic, and saw that a big smile and full of glee, my first thought was, Judy must be across from him, I scroll down and sure enough the next pic, There's Judy! Glad to see the joy in one's face! It is not something you see everyday. Congratulations.

I will be attending your outlet class at Artfest, looking forward to it, I read your book "Rusty things", I really appreciated the stories and humor, not your everyday instruction book.

BoneFolder said...

I just want to say... I watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly tonight. Every time they played some variant of the theme (every few minutes in this three-hour epic), I found myself getting tense, rushed, even a bit panicky. Anyone who's attended your classes knows why.

--Mike Jennings

Judy V. said...

I am a fan of your art, when I searched assemblages you came up I read your book Rusty Things. I linked you to my blog; do you mind?
Dare I dream of Tuscany with my man.

Saints and Sinners said...

i've never had a big compulsion to go to Italy until now.

That class looks amazing.

Mim said...

I just found Judy's work, love it and wrote to her about it - asking when/if she would do a workshop on her style. Now I've found your site (well, actually knew about it) and love your stuff also. So, I'm going to try to get in a workshop with both of you someday. Thanks for all the inspiration.