Sunday, September 02, 2007

counting a few of my blessings

I think that its time to count a few of my blessings. After my last post, I went back into the studio and continued to work on a rather large project that I have spent weeks on...or months. I'll post some images once my portion is completed ( I don't like to do in process photos because I find my work changes so dramatically from beginning to end). While I was working on this piece, which is going to be another collaboration with my beloved Judy, I started feeling like finally the piece started to work with me. I often feel like my process is a battle until at some point the art starts to work with me. It's almost like it makes thing difficult to test see if I'm worthy of it giving me a hint of a solution. Anyway, the last day or so was the point in which the piece finally started to work with me. Throughout this project solutions seemed nebulous and my frustrations were high, which were worsened by the amount of time I was gone and away from the studio. So finally I can see clearly now...the rain is gone. Given that. I decided that it is important to count a few of my blessings.

There are a number of things that I am thankful for...

I actually make a living doing the thing I love (as frustrating as the process can be sometimes).

Teaching gives me the opportunity to meet wonderful people wherever I go. It always amazes me how much I learn from the people I teach. Believe it or not it is a learning experience for me as well.

My mother had a bit of a medical scare recently but all is well and she is better than ever. She and my father are the reason that I pursued my dreams...I doubt I would be where I am without them.

Speaking of family I am blessed to have in my life a wonderful sister and her beautiful kids Maddy and Aidan. Maddy is a little artist and Aidan is pre-school pirate. Arrgh.

Friends...what wonderful friends I in Missoula as well as scattered across the globe. What could be better than that?

I have see much of the world and plan to see much more. Ever since I graduated from college I made a commitment to travel overseas every year. For many years it was hard to do, but nonetheless I managed to do it. When money was tight, it meant that I would go someplace like Thailand or Mexico where the dollar goes far. I have learned so much from the simple task of going someplace strange and foreign.

Now lastly and certainly not least is how fortunate I was to find an amazing woman like Judy Wilkenfeld. It is true that I could complain about the vast global distance in our relationship, but though the physical distance may be great...the spirit and soul are amazingly close. I should say that in my life I have know many artists, (and I say this without bias...well maybe a little), but I have never known any that have so much to say that can say it so well. What an amazing person. What an amazing artist. I am blessed to have met her. I am blessed to have her as a friend. I am especially blessed to have her as a partner. Now if someone would lift the anchor and let Australia drift toward the US a bit...all would be perfect.


azirca said...

What a wonderful post Michael, it really struck a chord with me as your words of what you are thankful for come at a time in my life where personally I am very aware of what really truly matters to me.
I think that at times we tend to all be guilty of at some point failing to see the things that are important and dear to us. It's funny how thinking about what we are truly thankful for seems to put everything else in perspective.

Looking forward to seeing your new collaboration piece with Judy, I'm guessing it will be rather special.

megan pickwell said...

What a wonderful uplifting and hearfelt post Michael. Great to acknowledge the things in our lives that we take so often for granted.
I agree totally with your words about the lovely Judy. She certainly has a wonderful gift for storytelling which is so unique.
As for lifting up anchor downunder... can we wait till its winter here?

jo said...

Oh to be closer to the USA!! At least with the internet it seems alot closer now.
Agree 100% on comment about Judy, she has a truly unique gift (and is an amazing person too!)and I am grateful that my path has crossed with the two of you!

Jen Crossley said...

What a wonderful post indeed.I totally agree that we need to be more thankful for what we have in this life,Only to often do we hear the negative of what we done have.After losing my dear mum to cancer now 10 years ago that moment of losing someone so dear to me was never to take things for granted again.Judy is an amazing lady and one hell of an artist,she inspires me daily although we have never met she is awesome indeed.Come and be an Aussie!! all in favor "I"

Karen Cole said...

Nice to see the softer side of you.

Judy said...

Thanks bebe - a bit lost for words here - (unusual i know). xoxoxox

Wan said...

The attitude of gratitude my friend. That's what it's all about!

Ev said...

I think both you and Judy are pretty amazing people and I feel blessed that you have both touched my life in some way. I don't doubt for one second that you would have met regardless of where in the world you both are.

Cindy Dean said...

Isn't it a nice feeling to sit back and think of the things that make life worth living? If more people would do it, they would realize that it's not about the "things" in life but the "feelings". You are one lucky man to have Judy! What an amzing woman and artist. I wish you guys much happiness.

Leslie said...

I found your blog through Judy's -- my very favorite place to visit -- only to discover that I already had your book! How yummy I find the work you both do.

Ro Bruhn said...

Totally agree with you about Judy, Michael, I'm so glad I was able to meet you both back in Fremantle.
Maybe you could lift the anchor on the US and drift down under.

Marley Goldman said...

I am totally outraged and as mad as hell to hear that
such words from such a wonderfully talented artist
like Michael deMeng!!!! "Lift the anchor?!" Come on,
Michael, if you were truly counting your blessings,
you wouldn't wish for any thing more than what you have right now. This is a fact: everything that has happened to you, everything you have gone through , as a person, has made you what you are today; it has brought you to where you are right now. If you change something, just one thing, no matter if it's good or bad, it could set off a series of other adventures in your life, maybe totally in another direction. Mi amore, but may this be love you are questioning? A wise man, you are Michael, but to remember, as a famous gypsy once said,
'count your blessings, but be careful what you wish for.' You must be ready for what changes they may bring about, you know. Totally outraged
and never more inspired to create, I am looking forward to hearing more from our grand vizier Michael deMeng. Ciao for now...

Kiah Goldman said...

Sorry for being so assertively emotional. I think I need a little bit more therapy every time I get off of this amazing site. There's so much stuff here, it's overwhelming; the possibilities! Keep on keeping on, y'all. Great post, Michael. You have already set sail
with your gullies and broad mast to the wind, exploring the many terrains of this world. You shouldn't wait for someone to catch up with you, just keep going. If it was meant to be, it will be. Don't wait for someone to lift up the anchor downunder,
it will happen when it happens; as I say, the lighter the load, the easier and swifter you go. And I accidentally put the wrong name on my previous post. Michael and others know my name is Kiah, and so do I. Silly me!

sue said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt post. Sometimes we need to sit back & really *see* what we do have, and appreciate it. When you mentioned that a piece seems to fight you somewhere along the line, and then it starts to work with you, was something I've always felt & never been able to put it into words! I'm also damn glad to know I'm not the only one that feels that way.