Sunday, July 15, 2007

So Cal

Howdy pards,
Just had a few moments, so thought I'd drop a line. In San Diego, been teaching some classes at Stamping Details. DiAnn the owner has been great as has the group of students. Though I used to live in the L.A./ Orange County area, its been quite a long time since I was last in S.D. In fact my last memory was of sailing in the harbor with my grandfather (the same one that I mention in my "notes from an alchemist" section of my book). I was in third grade. It was last time I was with my grandfather. I miss him still. He was one of those guys who never feared life...he lived every moment. Every moment I spent with him was an adventure. My parents were quite protective...he was the guy who would sneak me out an do all the fun against the rules stuff.
In fact...did you ever see The Royal Tenenbaums? The Gene Hackman character was like my
grandfather (lots of flaws but an amazing personality), in particular the scenes where he is sneaking out with his overly protected grandchildren, doing all the things that parents would cringe the way if you haven't seen the should.

Next stop will be a nice relaxing week up the in the mountains above Palm Springs.

I just bought a new I've been doing a little's a few photos.

Also, I know that there are a ton of Red Velvet groupies who visit my blog. It actually amazes me how many students come up to me and say..."I love your girlfriend's blog". So if you haven't been over there, you really should check it out. Judy just finished another visual anthology and yes it is, once again phenomenal. She is one amazing woman with quite a bit to say...and everything she says she says with all her heart. Kiss Kiss to Judy.


Julie said...

I love Royal Tenenbaums! I have it on DVD...great movie.

Excellent class yesterday...I am still swimming!

kass said...

that is one of my favourite movies ever, it's def. one you have to have the right sense of humour for, but I absolutely love it.

Cre8Tiva said...

oh how i wanted to join you in idelwilde...but an unexpected move back to florida squashed any travel plans...have a wonderful time...i will be in southern california soon...blessings, rebecca

Mary S Hunt said...

I just visited Judy's blog...redvelvet...INCREDIBLE! to tame a word. Both of you have inspiring talent!

Karen Cole said...

Gee, I was hoping that was a photo of little Michael and his grandfather as I was paging down. Trying to picture you as a young wippersnapper.

Nice photos. What kind of camera? I always like to know someones reasons for choosing one over the other. I'm in the market. (if you have the time)

Elaine Kerr said...

Both of you have blogs that inspire me to reach a little deeper when making art.

One question: Does absence make the art grow fonder??

Off to visit Judy, now....