Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sick Girl and Creepy Films

All last week my pretty Aussie girlfriend has been battling a cold. Mind you, I'm not much of a healer, but I thought I'd whip up some virtual chicken soup. Get well xoxoxo.

I'm sure it is not as good as the stuff she makes, but its as good as I can do from over yonder.

Now speaking of doctors and nurses and Day of the Dead: those of you who have seen the movie Frida (if you haven't you need to rush of and see it...right this instant),
I should mention the Brothers Quay. They are the stop animators who did the scene with the skeleton toy that scene...does that surprise you? Well you should check out some of their earlier creepier stuff.

There work is sort of like mine, or Jane Wynn, or Keith Lo Bue's but in motion.

Lots of doll heads and weird moving machines made of whatever, all in a creepy little scary storybook world. Check em out...but I'm telling you they can be a bit creepy...yes indeed....hehe...
here's a link to a nice collection of short fillms
The Brothers Quay Collection: Ten Astonishing Short Films 1984-1993


j a n e said...

Mmmmm....Brothers Quay! Delicious Indeed!

Thinking of you.
Will I be seeing you soon in Arizona???

J a n e

Judy said...

Thanks bebe,
That chicken soup looks like a pretty lame one to me - hehehehehe.