Thursday, May 10, 2007

You have to see this stuff

Still in North Carolina, getting ready for my workshop tomorrow. At the moment I am in the WhistleStop Cafe eating what may be the best scone I have ever had. It's actually sort of a cross between a muffin in a scone...not really dry, not really moist...but damn it's good.

My beautiful girlfriend, Judy, just posted some image from her latest creation. It is amazing...sure I am a little biased...but I think most would agree that this book is pretty spectacular. Here are some images and more on her blog HERE


kristine campbell said...

Wonderful book, Judy!
Is this the WhistleStop of Fried Green Tomatoes fame?

Ro Bruhn said...

Judy's book is just fabulous Michael, I've been visiting her blog daily waiting for the next installment, my head is still reeling, she has put so much thought into it and it shows. I'm so looking forward to working with her in our ABRR, I can't wait to see what she does in mine.

kelsey said...

I agree with Ro about Judy's's fantastic!

Michael I thought that American's called "scones" - "biscuits"? The last time I visited the US, we went to a restaurant and my two boys (who were 10 & 7 then) couldn't work out why we had "scones" with our main meal? These are usually served with jam & cream here! lol

SherryD said...

Wow - this book looks wonderful!

Also, met you briefly at your table in the merchant's mall Art & Soul Hampton. Very interesting work. Mentioned you on my blog which my art groups read and thought you might like to see what I said. htt://

Hope you'll be back next year.


mizcarla said...

OMG that book is fabulous!

Great seeing you again-take care and safe travels.


Saints and Sinners said...

oh that scone looks yummy!

are you getting my emails??? I need J's addy to send her some stuff.

Nicole said...

Ohhhh this book is just fabulous, I love everything about it, so textured and the colours are also great. Would love to do one myself someday. ;)