Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back from Down Unda,

Hey all,

Twenty four hours of airplanes and airports has finally brought me home. What a treat...think I'll just rent a condo in LAX.

Okay have to do some back-tracking
Random Arts Saluda,
I never got to finish my post about my trip to Saluda and Jane's place Random Arts. What a great place to teach. She is such a wonderful usuall she bent over backwards for me. Of course one of the best parts of teaching in Saluda is the people. The people who support Jane's venture are a great warm hearted bunch. Quite nice to see a number of familiar faces as well as meet a bunch of new ones. Oh and I must give a shout out to Jen who works for Jane...she is great and extremely helpful...thank Jen.
The first day we made cigar box shrines and then on day two we did "Head Sea Scrolls" aka toilet paper dispenser art. The work turned out great. Here's some more on the topic at Jane's Blog.

A weird thing happened on that of the of Jane's freind, Cheryl, went out to dinner with us and it turns out that she went to a high school I attended for one year in Mission Viejo (Capistrano Valley High). She was one year behind me and I had moved by the time she went there but it turns out that she knew my best buddy when I lived there, Adam....of course she knew oodles of others that I hung out with as well. Very strange.

The art for Bob,
As I mentioned in my last post I was working on a piece of art for Judy's ex. He was so kind and generous with the goodies that he donated to my art-making cause, much of which was from his mother's collection. I decided to create a piece that used a number of these pieces to create a theme important to Bob, the tree of life. So here is what I came up with and Bob was quite appreciative and has already given this work a place of honor in his home. The piece is about 14 inches tall.
The Photo Shoot

Well as expected the week wen by too quickly and it will be a bit before we can be together. Short but a lovely time together as always. At least now we have some photos to remind us of each other...with any luck it will make 6 months fly by.

Those of you who jump between Judy and my blog already have seen images from a photo shoot that we had done the last evening I was in Sydney. It was in a beautiful area at a deserted bunker by the sea. I won't post the same images as Judy (hint hint go check out her blog).
I give a sampling of my own. Ingrid did such great work and what a great location choice. Here's a smattering. Thanks Ingrid!


alex said...
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Nicole said...

Ohhh my gosh this is some trip you made, 24 hours of flying ans at airports, I would have gone insane as I do not like flying at all. I must say that I really really live the piece you did for Bob, this is a very special gift and it looks just gorgeous. Your artwork is great. :)

jo and jacky said...

What gorgeous photos of the two of you!! Can't wait to see what Judy does with them...
What a shame it was such a short trip, but keep yourself busy and 6 months will fly by and then you will be back together, Down Under!!!
Jo xoxo

Ev said...

What beautiful photos, she has captured that spark between Judy and yourself. I love the piece you did for Bob too. How lucky that you found Judy and she you. I am looking forward to seeing you in Dec (both of you I hope)

Ursula Clamer said...

All these photos of the two of you are really great, I especially like the one of Judy where her face is divided by the rusty bit. Fab art work from you as usual, Bob is one lucky guy. Ux

Izabella said...

these are awesome both look beautiful & oh so happy!!

...the fairy tale continues :)

xo ~Bella

Ruth Rae said...

The Tree of life is my most beloved for its story and the imagery!

Your adaptation is stunning!!!

I so enjoyed reading about your time with your book in New York! As I am waste deep working on my book for Northlight Books as well and will be filming the book the end of July (any tips or insight on this part would be much appreciated )!

I adore the photos of you and Judy!
She and I are great blog mates :)