Monday, April 16, 2007

Outlets and Transparencies


so I've been busy updating my site with new items and with accurate info regarding availability of work. I'm so bad about this, but it's done for now...until I move everything to DreamWeaver...

So there are some new items to peruse on my website in the Spankin' New page
First I came across some electrical outlets recently...
And here's what I created from them:
I've also been working on a series that uses transparencies (the outlets above do as well). It creates a nice ghostly tintype quality...actually they are from scans of a photo album that Judy won on ebay. Many of the ideas came watching her use transparencies in the collaborative project we worked on (I'll put more images up...promise...but I need to hear back from someone before I do). Anyway I tried to photograph them but, as you can imagine, much of the cool multi-layered effect is lost in 2 dimensions.
Here are a few samples... the rest are here.


jo said...

Ooooh, these look fantastic Michael! Makes me want to whip out my liquid nails and paints. We were given a huge stash of 'bits' the other day (pic is on my blog if you want to look), which included some great Meccano pieces, light switches and electrical plugs. We are saving most of it for when you come over in December!
Have been thinking about painting up some light switch covers, would love to see you do one of those up too.
Will email soon,

Tara Finlay said...

Hi there. How's tricks?
Have you done any "landscape" outlets rather than "portrait"? Would make a cool chunky pendant.

Deb L said...

Loving these, Michael! Am scrounging my Dad's cellar looking for goodies to bring to your classes ~ see you in Mass. in June! Did Kristen tell you about the great fleamarket there?

Julie H said...

Awwwwesome! You seem to have shifted slightly in the way you use colour too - and I like it. So much wonderful detail, so many do-dads and the transparencies work so well even in 2D. Thanks for sharing I know I will be back for another peak.

Ursula Clamer said...

These pieces are amazing. Having seen some of your work 'in the flesh' really helps to see the beauty when viewing your work two dimesional. Ux

Ro Bruhn said...

More fabulous inspiratation. It's amazing what you can make from virtually nothing, you've made me see mundane everyday items in a new light.
Thanks for sharing them with us

kelsey said...

I'm always amazed at what you do with the most mundane of items Michael ;-) I would imagine the transparencies look absolutely fantastic in real much depth! LOVE the guy with the wings, what a great image!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I will be taking one of your classes in June (in Berkeley, CA) and I am thrilled and a bit nervous at the same time. This is something completely out of my zone but I am so looking forward to challenging myself. I've heard from others that you are a fantastic teacher so that is comforting. My husband is quite thrilled about this as he is a machinist by trade and he recognizes parts from the work I showed on your site. If I can get the hang of this he will be a vast resource for the odd bit or bob.
Can't wait to meet you in June.

Jen Crossley said...

WOW its amazing what you can do with these objects totally amazing
Thanks for sharing

carla said...

These are incredible... such alchemy:> I have been incredibly fascinated by your work for quite some time, and I'm very excited that I will be taking your shoe shrine workshop in MA in June... soooo excited!

Karen Cole said...

OK.... one else said this, so I guess I have to... about creative "outlets"!!!!!!!

Izabella said...

Oh my goodness Michael... these are amazing!! I want them all!!

I especially love the last one with the angel wings~


Steve Manning said...

Hi Michael,
Love the use of layers and the ghost like quality of the woman face over awesome piece. Have been 'junking' as you say and have the most amazing pieces think Steve's first work maybe soon in the making if only I can find my shed again, take care

Kristen Robinson said...

You constantly amaze me, I am loving the pieces!!!!! I can see a trip to the swap meet for me is in order soon!

Italy in September...tempting tempting!