Saturday, March 17, 2007

Digging Doug

So Judy and I went junkin' the other day. We are still in the process of our collaboration. Still not going to give anything away, but it's getting close to least my part...Judy still has a ways to go. Though she's plugging away nicely...and I think it will be quite nice when it's done. Never really worked on a collaboration this extensively, don't think I could do it with just anyone. We are definitely on the same page...quite nice, really.

So, those of you who jump blog to blog, may already know from Judy's blog, that we found some nifty little items in Newtown (area of Sydney). The coolest of them was this little gizmo, which they called a "mystery piece"my guess it is one of those devices they use in old silent films to open and closes scenes.

Next stop was Doug's on Burke. Very cool place with all sorts of name it...even a real camel. Pretty nifty....pricey but definitely hard to find goodies.

For instance, who isn't looking for a skeleton or three. Speaking of which they had great scientific gizmos there. A bit on the pricey side but the stuff is high quality.

ciao for now,


Kristen Robinson said...

Cannot wait to see what the finished piece looks like. Sounds like divine shopping to me!


Kass said...

I had to laugh at the skeletons - I do believe that you could do something wonderous with those if you really wanted to!!

Step 1 of Michael to Melbourne has taken place...

Pam Pickard said...

Your mystery piece looks to be an iris-centering device, probably used to center an object during processing for machining such as punching or stamping, perhaps grinding. Though, approaching knowing exactly what it is kinda sucks the romance out of it. I like your idea better.
Pam Pickard