Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm whooped

Man, it's been a whirlwind couple of days. I'm trying to get things tied up before I head to Australia for a month. Teaching as well as a bit of play. I'm teaching in Perth...then to Sydney for the remainder. My girlfriend lives in Sydney... Judy (check out some samples of her visual anthologies here

A number of things are in the works. Paint kits that have all the Golden Paints I use for my washes (complete with lunch box to hold all the goodies and aprons). These should be out by May.

My Tarot card limited edition prints (I'll be releasing them periodically through out the years....and then eventually all 72 in a deck format...yikes...sounds like a lot of work). The first two to be released this Spring will be the Fool and the Magician. I'll also release the High Priestess and the Empress later this year.

Also...a treat for ArtFestians and Port Townsenders. I will be exhibiting all the art in "Secrets of Rusty Things" at Artisans on Taylor (a gallery in Port Townsend) during the ArtFest and beyond. More info to follow this coming week.

Just filling in the spaces for my teaching schedule...I'll be everywhere man. ArtUnraveled is going live this week so zoom over to that site. I'm teaching four classes.

So...lots is going on. Some think I'm a bit nuts with everything I have happening. Well, perhaps, but I have a theory that there are times in one's life when blessings appear, as if a door has magically opened. I believe that one has to jump in with all there heart when this happens because you never know when it will open again. So I'm jumping...I'm just glad I don't have to bartend anymore...though. I still do make a mean martini.

to be continued

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